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    How best to utilize a helper. It seems impossible to scratch a route with a helper. What are some key elements that best utilize helpers on route? A driver could prerecord, load packages up in the cab, leave the bulkhead door open and literally run packages up to houses and still would not be able to get even close to scratching. I’m talking 2.0 hours over allowed. The pkg cars are so jammed packed, it’s impossible to even set up in the first half of the day. Please post "tricks of the trade" methods that help make your day as productive as possible. This of course, while maintaining safety and following proper procedures. Or, is it even possible?
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    First off you and your helper need to take some crystal meth, then run like hell.
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    Anytime your helper is siting or standing it is costing you time. Use 2 DIADs if possible - do not fine sort with the helper in the car watching you. (Tick Tick Tick)

    If the helper can't get the DIAD down then only show them the easiest moves and maybe use a note system if they get stuck on the board. You can always input the delivery notice later.

    Keep the same helper and train - train - train - If you can tell they are a POS ask for a new one.

    If you have the volume - Utilize 2 helpers if possible - one in the AM and one in the PM - This will keep them fresh - If you use one helper make sure they take a lunch -

    Keep the helper moving - You do the difficult stops - and give the helper the easy stops.

    Density is key - you go one way the helper goes the other.

    As the helper gets better - give them a cart with packages in a dense area and have them go on their own for a short time - Trailer parks - apt buildings are great areas for a drop off.

    Pre-determine the drop off and pick up time or utilize cell phones. Do not let the helper sit unless they are on break or the car is moving!

    Hope this helps!
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    I have always tried to have 5-10 stops prerecorded when working with a Helper. That way, I can concentrate on finding the next stops and not having to stop and record while the Helper is wasting time waiting on me. Since we used DIAD3 in the past with Helpers, the GPS wasn't a factor.

    And having sorting space is critical too. I like to get the 2000 Section cleaned out and use it to set up the next section. You also need to keep your later stops as organized as possible. I will shove them toward the back where I have already emptied out the rear floor from my morning commercial bulk stops.

    With EDD, I now know what is supposed to be in the Load, so I spend a lot of time looking for missloads and stuff that has fallen off the shelf. A good Peak Season has a direct bearing on how good your Preloader is too. (Tipping well pays off!) Everything needs to be in place with the labels where the driver can see them. There is always big boxes coming down at the end of the Preload Sort that can't be put in the right place, so you have to look for those too.
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    Tipping?!? HA HA HA HA HA......That's a good one.
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    Yes, it is most certainly possible. Use 2 DIADs and instill a sense of urgency in your helper. And, yes, this can be done following the methods.
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    My loader will be getting $100 this year. Well worth every penny.
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    If you realize that their numbers are complete BS and that it's impossible to work safely and scratch then why are you even trying ??? I just say work safely and do the best you can. In my experience 1 hour over is the new scratch. But our time studies are ancient and completely worthless (even the sups admit this).
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    Although prerecording is not a method and we're not supposed to do it according to a PCM I once attended, I've had 50 or more stops sorted and prerecorded while the helper quickly walks off stops for me. And if there's numerous stops at one park location the helper goes one way and I go the other.

    It pays to have a good helper, however.
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    ....My main beef with helpers is to be on time...That means they are waiting for you to show up 10 min early.Don't be late...Once I had a helper late several times,so I left..He called and I told him to meet me a mile down the road in 20 min.He was on foot...From then on, he was on time..
    Another requirement is they need to be able to run a 4.4 40 yard dash...I've had 48 year helpers who were 50 lb's overweight...It was only a matter of time til "I won't need you tommorrow" sorry...
    It's cold but you will suffer if old Elrod isn't agunner....Proto type helper is 18-23 who likes to job for the hell of it..
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    You failed to mention that the $100 is the bonus the helper will get for staying until the last day.:happy-very:

    I agree. During peak the gloves come off, as far as supes and upper mgmt doing whatever they feel. This being the case, trying to run under, goes out the window, along with everything else you were told not to do. Not saying to be unsafe, just don't read that damned report in the morning. Did you deliver all the pkgs? That's all that counts during peak. Keep your helper moving, hydrated and happy and they'll work their butts off for you. A healthy tip to the preloader, when peak is over, gives them more incentive for next year. I reiterate, pay those stats no mind, be safe and get the rest you need every night.
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    I've had 48 year helpers

    That's a long time to be a helper. Can't the guy find full-time work?
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    I had a 64 year old retired guy as a helper one year and he wasn't as quick as I would have liked but he showed up every day, worked safely and didn't complain. He also competed in triathlons so he had better endurance than most of the 20 year olds I had over the years!

    I don't think I was ever called in to the office about our numbers and we got the packages delivered most everyday.
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    I once had 3-4 helpers 3-4 carts(1 more than helpers)
    I had one 28ft truck 800 Pieces about 115 deliveries
    and about 15 blocks and we'd get it all done in about 1.5 hours...
    These guys were good, I load a cart stop for stop, next one back takes it
    move the truck up the street when needed.

    Oh what a great peak that was... I was commended for my efforts
    and recommended that I run that route every peak.
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    If your truck is stuffed to the ribs, then when you have a helper one of the best things you can do is afford to do your bulk first. Get rid of the stuff that's cramming the middle or your rdl and rdr. If you have 1 or 2 stops that are really heavy get rid of them first. Then you can start getting rid of your air and the ground stops at the same time. If your runner is good with the board, send him off on the business stops that only have a few packages and get your next stops ready to go. Then when you get to resi's that aren't sig req scan the package send him off, stop complete it and get the next one ready to grab fast and easy and be ready to move the moment his or her butt hits the seat. If you can stay in the truck, don't even shut it off.
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    It all depends on the helper and your skill of using him. Last year I had such a great helper that is was like I had another driver with me. He was really that good!

    We had 2 DIADS and he mastered it after the 2nd day. At signature stops he would deliver and I would search and sort packages. With residential I could give him 2 stops and I would run one off with the theory I would be at the truck before him ready to go, but he would arrive BEFORE me sometimes. When he did, he would be in the back digging out our next stops! He learned the area that well in a few days!

    The point I'm trying to make is he was never just standing there and I was never sitting in the driver seat waiting for him. When the truck wasn't moving we were doing something productive with our time.

    When the truck was moving he would look at the DIAD to see what was next. If I was in the back for more than 3 seconds looking for a package he would jump back there and start digging with me.

    This is what UPS has wet dreams about. This is the way the helper team should be run. When the helper and I work as effeciently as this, we can do 300 stops before sunset.

    If you are a new driver just follow this advice. When the helper is away from the truck make sure you are sorting and prerecording so that when you come to the next stop your package selection time is around 1 second. When ever possible park where you can run off 1-3 stops and the helper can run off 1-3 stops. If you get to the truck before him, start digging and prerecording. Soon it will be 2nd nature to use the helper efficiently.

    I like the helper because I don't have to get out of the truck as much:happy2:. Some drivers hate the helper because they get too much work in their opinion. I happen to think the helper is an asset if used correctly and my body always feels better during Dec. when I have a one. That's evidence enough for me!
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    Follow the methods work safe do the best you can an get done no wrecks no missed. no injurys .WHAT Its time to HELP A ON ROAD WHOS BEEN SCREWING YOU ALL YEAR . Dont even except a helper till everyone whos layed off is back to work, I no some of you are saying f that im getting done and goimg home (I WANT TO TOO) SOME OF YOU PICKED THE WRONG COMPANY IF YOU WANTED TO BE HOME EARLY . BUT IM GLAD A LOt OF YOU WORK Here YOU GUYS FOUGHT TO GET THE PAY BENNIFIT ECT ECT ECT JUST DO THE HOLIDAYS THE best we can lets get of brothers working that would be the best thing i can think ,lets finish off dhl and fed x ground.
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    Be organized get rid of the bulk down the middle first before you even start your helper. Then set up about 20 stops and prerecord them before picking up your helper. He runs them to the door,while you are in the back setting up,scanning, and moving pkgs. forward. Only use section 1 and 2 to deliver out of. Pile your pm stops at the back of the truck and on the wheel wells. You'll have time to set them up later.

    When it's time to set up have the helper toss you the stops from the pile and you set them up on the shelf. After you have finished setting up and prerecording all your stops THEN you get out of the truck and help him with getting them to the doors.

    This all brings back bad memories. I'm sweating from just typing about it . Thank God I'm in feeders. Good Luck and Merry Christmas
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    If you have a 4 or five stop real close give you helper your dolly and those stop and you go do some others and tell hime you'll meet him in 10 minutes at his last stop. Also is there long are driveways that you can't drive Down in the winter than have hime deliver them and go do other houses.

    That might help a little I guess the whole thing depends on if you helper can learn to use the DIAD or not if not good luck.