Drivers wear uniforms to the jobs and locker rooms.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by subways, May 14, 2008.

  1. subways

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    Why do drivers wear their uniforms to the jobs, I thought that they are supposed to get change before they begin their shifts and when they finishe their shifts. I always believe that drivers weren't allowed to wear their uniforms to and from their jobs.

    Also, if drivers change there, do they have showers there for drivers to take.
  2. Hedley_Lamarr

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    I've been a driver since October and still don't have a locker.
  3. rocket man

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    WE HAVE showers we have a bathroom attendent they say were the lucky center wehave a steam room. all in our locker room dont you guys we also have uniform service they pick up the dirtys and deliver the clean Then i wake up looking to see if we even have soap one wqeek we do then we have no paper towels.
  4. feeder53

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    When I started, they gave me my uniforms and told me that they are my responsibility. I see locker rooms, but I do not have one. I am only P/T so that may be why. As long as I have been there I have never seen anyone changing into their uniform. I can not say what their policy is.
  5. subways? showers, uniforms and drivers changing again? really?

    How many topics on this do you have going now?
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    Way too many :whiteflag:
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    The uni's they issued me in October no longer fit (lost 40 lbs since October on the job.) Just last week I finally got my new ones....
  8. 8up

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    it use to be that you couldn't leave the building in your uniform. when shorts first came out they were considered an accessory and your responcibility to clean them, so you could leave work while still in uniform. then one of the former contracts covered shorts as part of the uniform issue and the contract already covered the cleaning of the pants. most of us realized that is was just easier to get dressed for work once and take care of the cleaning ourselves. plus i don't have to get to work only to find out that i don't have any pants, because the cleaner didn't deliver them or one of my co-workers, who lost weight is now wearing them.
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    Is this guy for real? The dude obviously has a weird fetish or is just mentally disturbed, probably both. Get back on your meds man.
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    The contract states that employees who are required to change before start time shall be provided a locker...since we dont have enough lockers, employees therefore cannot be held to this language.
    Our "locker room" is slightly larger than a phone booth and has 40 lockers in it. The last thing I need in the morning is to have my face in some guys butt crack while I'm getting dressed. I put my uniform on at home, thanks.
  11. subways

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    I didn't know that UPS had a steam room in one of their facilities.
  12. ikoi62

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    some do and some of the bigger buildings have massage personal available if needed.
  13. tups

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    They got rid of paper towels in the restrooms in my center recently. We now got these hand driers that blow a warm hard blast of air to dry your hands. They think they're saving money? How much will they spend on the lawsuit when someone slips on the puddle of water that collects everyday on the floor that comes from drying hands. These driers are so strong it's like taking a high pressure air hose and blowing on your hands, just blowing the water off the hands and onto the floor. We'll see how much they save then!
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    Not near as many as "I got hurt on the job what do I do"?:whiteflag:
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    Maybe you should start taking your lunch.
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    Because we work more hours than we used to, and I have no locker. And after spending 10 at work every day for 3 yrs, I no longer get there early enough to change and dont want to take another 10 minutes to change before I leave. But I hit the masseuse and sauna on Fridays!
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    My friend,you have some serious issues.
    I thought I remembered your name,clicked on it and then view all posts by subways.You seem to be fascinated with locker and shower rooms,uniforms,underwear,and ups socks.
    I dont think you are like the rest of us.
  18. Cementups

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    When I first started driving 12 years ago we were told we not supposed to wear our pants unless we were on the clock. shirt with emblem ok, but pants bad.
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