Driving Change: The UPS Approach to Business

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    In this centennial year, the second book titled "Driving Change: The UPS Approach to Business" is out. This book has a similar style to "Big Brown" as it is fast-paced, easy to read and well written. Both books compliment each other extremely well. One book seems to pick up where the other leaves off and vice versa. "Big Brown" is strong on company history, especially in regards to Jim Casey, whereas "Driving Change" is more focused on the present day from the business side. "Driving Change" offers excellent summaries on issues such as international business development, UPS Airlines and Supply Chain Solutions. "Driving Change" is a great read if one is a UPS shareowner because it summarizes the nature of what UPS does in an integrated format. In short, one can clearly see the big picture from the company perspective. "Driving Change" is dedicated "To past and current UPS employees."
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    It sounds like a great book to read if ever I have trouble falling asleep, just a couple pages then ZZZZZZZZZ.........:sleep:
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    Thanks for the book review. Is a movie in the works???
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    I realy like "Big Brown" so I orderd "Driving Change" The UPS Approach to Business." The only problem is that I keep screwing up and ordering through Amazon. They always send my books via the USPS and I always end up playing that little game with them where they put the damn "Sorry We Missed You" notice in my mailbox, yet, nobody ever knocked on my door that day. So, like always, I guess I'll have to go across town to the main Post Office (where they send all of their failed deliverys) and bitch and complain like I always do. It's amazing. I thought when a customer paid for shipping they were supposed to recieve the pacage....not go get it from the shipper.
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    "and bitch and complain "

    You should also call Amazon to complain. Theyre paying USPS to deliver to you, so if theyre not Amazon should know!
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    In 1996 Amazon was in a small room under a Color Tile store. They would get about 4 books a day. You had to ring a bell in the back. And wait, and wait, ring again, and wait. You had to wait so long (probably 5 minutes) you would leave----NI1----NI2---etc. What's my point? I forgot. :laugh:Oh yea, Jeff Bezos would call in several complaints, yet we still didn't wait long enough for them to come to the door. (Mainly because we never knew if anyone was there) I don't think if you bitch about using USPS it will make any difference.