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    New to the site but i have been working for ups as a loader for 1 year and 3 months. I never call in and am always on time (not to brag) but i am a top five loader in the building (piece per hour) wise and missort wise. This being said i want a realistic time frame for which i will be given a shot to drive. I work at the spartanburg sc hub and have been told by some its a 4 year wait and other employees that its upwards of 10 years.And what could i do to speed the process up beside fill out the list everytime they put one up? thanks in advanced any advice would be awesome!
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    Ask HR. it's all based on seniority. I drove in under 2 years. Had a buddy at the same center that wanted to finish school first. Economy tanked and he had to wait 4 years after me because he wanted to finish school and then they hired no one for awhile.
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    It's very center oriented. Best bet is to talk to your HR person. They'll at least have a sorta clue. I have to wonder about my HR...or ask the OMS people. They actually have a pretty good grasp on how the center runs and know the drivers. They're the ones sitting in the office taking calls.
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    alright thanks for the advice
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    10 and 2.
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    your performance has nothing to do with you securing a driving position; it's all about doing the time