Driving over 60 hours

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Mr.Blonde, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Mr.Blonde

    Mr.Blonde Active Member

    is there a penalty for driving 60+ hours?
  2. Richard Harrow

    Richard Harrow Deplorable.

    Yes. 10 minutes and a game misconduct.
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  3. Mr.Blonde

    Mr.Blonde Active Member

    10 minutes and game misconduct? I don’t know what that means.
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  4. The Driver

    The Driver I drive.

    You could be asked to pay the DOT fine.
  5. MyTripisCut

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    @silverbullet2893 , straighten this guy out eh? He needs some time in the box....
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  6. silverbullet2893

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    Oh boy
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  7. silverbullet2893

    silverbullet2893 KILL KILL!!

    It means go ahead kid. Hell do 80 hours. They’ll be so amazed and you won’t even get the 10 and the game.
  8. PappyLand

    PappyLand Active Member

    Maybe you shouldn’t be driving if you don’t know the DOT regulations.
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  9. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    What are the penalties for violating the hours-of-service rules?
    Drivers or carriers who violate the hours-of-service rules face serious penalties:
    • Drivers may be placed out of service (shut down) at roadside until the driver has accumulated enough off-duty time to be back in compliance;
    • State and local enforcement officials may assess fines;
    • The driver's and carrier's scores under the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) enforcement program can take a hit, which could result in a variety of enforcement actions;
    • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may levy civil penalties on the driver or carrier, ranging from $1,200 to $14,700 per violation depending on the severity;
    • The carrier's safety rating can be downgraded for a pattern of violations; and
    • Federal criminal penalties can be brought against carriers who knowingly and willfully allow or require hours-of-service violations.
  10. olroadbeech

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  11. olroadbeech

    olroadbeech Happy Verified UPSer

    The OP is another joker. waste of time.

    maybe some cheap entertainment value.
  12. OrioN

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    Goto FedEx... we have 70 hours all year long!

    BSWALKS Almost Honest

    And make the same that we do...

    in 25 hours. :happy-very:
  14. olroadbeech

    olroadbeech Happy Verified UPSer

    another penalty is....if you get in an accident and hurt or kill someone you may be charged with reckless driving , reckless endangerment , vehicular manslaughter , and a host of other felonies. plus lose your job, lawsuits , etc. you'll probably lose everything you ever worked for and will never have a good nights sleep the rest of your life.

    It's really no joking matter.
  15. MECH-lift

    MECH-lift Union Brother

    Not in December
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  16. Mr.Blonde

    Mr.Blonde Active Member

    Just started and there’s talk about 70 hours is the new 60 for the work week. Wasn’t sure what was what, that’s why I’m asking, So that I will be familiar with the DOT regulations.
  17. Mr.Blonde

    Mr.Blonde Active Member

  18. Mr.Blonde

    Mr.Blonde Active Member

    Might as well work at McDonald’s. At least you get a free meal on your break
  19. Mr.Blonde

    Mr.Blonde Active Member

    OP? Is that Original poster?
  20. 70 hours only under certain conditions. The company will let you know if we are on a 70 hour schedule.

    Just remember the few basic rules. You must be off if the road before you hit 14 hours including lunch and breaks.

    You must have 10 hours off duty before you can start driving again.

    Any other part time job counts towards your 60 hours and the 10 hour off duty time.

    You must have 34 hours off before your 60 hours restart.