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  1. Deliverininbrown

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    I've worked part time as a package handler for 2 years. I also have done TCD driving, air delivery driving and gone out to cover a ground route when they call and need help. I just secured a full time driving position, and was told that I needed to complete a 40hr orientation class before I start. When I was hired 2 years ago I attended a 40hr "driving school" class before I was put on the road. Is this orientation class the same as the driving school class or is it completely different? Just making sure I am not taking the same class twice. Thanks for your help.
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    Pretty much the same course.

    Getting paid to sit in a classroom beats the heck out of working.
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  3. FrigidFTSup

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    The new thing they are testing out is an "advanced" driver school for those who don't go to Integrad. What it entails, I'm not sure. But two guys who just won a FT bid have to do it in our center.
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    If it's the same class it should be a breeze for you,just try to stay awake.
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    I went to driving school twice. They said something like the certification was only good for two years
  6. Rick Ross

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    If you're a qualified TCD and have made it through your 30 days I would grieve it. Sitting in class should be a breeze but there is always a chance something crazy happens and you get a DQ.

    Depending on who else is going full-time, not taking the class might put you ahead of others going full-time with you. Seniority is everything!

    To me I guess it depends on if you are a qualified TCD.