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  1. L

    8 months pregnant

    I am a new hire... and found out I’m 32 weeks pregnant. I haven’t finished my month yet (I think I’m at day 22?). I was always told I couldn’t have kids, and before I took this job I had been in Alaska backpacking for three months straight. I started having stomach pains on the trip but I...
  2. A

    Stupid Worthless new-hires

    I can get past all they screw ups when they bury crap on the floor or misplace a box here and there but when I come into work and you don’t have half the crap loaded and you’re on your ass on the phone taking pictures of yourself I just want to strangle him glad the week is almost over this...
  3. A

    Hired as a Package Handler ready to start on Tuesday. Did i Make the right choice?

    Hey Guys, So i got everything finalized and will be starting on next week as a package handler for UPS. I recently worked at the Post Office, (letter carrier) was only there for 2 months and i had to make a choice between UPS as a package handler $14.5/hr or Fedex Express Full Time swing...
  4. N

    New hire question about hours.

    Hi everyone, I’m seeking some guidance and hopefully reassurance that I haven’t been duped. I’m about a month into my career with UPS. I’m coming from USPS and before that, FedEx. I was hired as a full time, permanent driver, based on my experience in the delivery service. My concern is this...
  5. K

    Had my "tour" appointment for a Casual Driver position last week...

    I am new to this process but applied to be a Casual Package Driver and had my tour last week Monday (6/29). When I got home I received a text message saying I am now able to fill out the 2nd part of the application which I did and got my DOT physical, as they requested. Does anyone have any...
  6. B

    Quitting Monday, am I in the wrong?

    Hello so I was hired on as a seasonal night shift loader in early November. Well I had always thought of UPS as a future career so I knew hard work was a part of it, not the issue. I routinely feel my supes aren't listening to me but just trying to verbally please me and not taking action...
  7. A

    new hire pay question

    So I was hired as a package handler at the rate of 17/hr. I just finished up my first week which was training. I signed into upsers and noticed on my time card I was being paid at a rate of 14/hr. Should I tell someone at my hub, or was I just being payed less for training?
  8. B

    New driver, worried about getting fired

    So I've been a cover driver for 3 months now and I'm struggling with package cars that are 160-170 stops with 360 packages. My time that I should be done is 6:20pm but even with help I dont get done till 7:30pm. I can get 120-140 stops done on time no problem but anything over that I struggle...
  9. G

    Need help! Trying to Apply and keep getting message

    Trying to apply for a position that available and keep getting this message... what does it mean? Are they not hiring? How do I get thru to complete the application process?
  10. Radfory

    Just started

    Friends, I was just hired on as a package handler, in my second week on the belts and unload. They also hired me to drive through the end of the year. I go to intragrad school this next week. Once I complete, should I graduate, will I be driving full time or only on a needed basis? Also...
  11. J

    Hired full time as driver but hasn’t been brought back yet

    I started as a seasonal driver in November and they hired me full time about 3 1/2 months ago. They said they would give me a heads up about a week before they were going to officially bring me back. I haven’t heard anything since that time. I call consistently to check up and no one ever has...
  12. B

    30 day progression NOT being honored

    So I applied for a full time driver position, completed the integral process and have been working for UPS for more than the 30 work days required to officially become a full time driver. Management says because the last few weeks have been peak season that they are unsure if I can handle the...
  13. 2

    HR said I'm permanent, Sup say's I'm not

    I'm a package handler and my start date was 10/30/2018. Before I was hired in my HR rep told me I would be a permanent worker as long as my start date was before 11/1/2018. So now I've worked 3 days and I talked to my supervisor today and was told that I am seasonal and that HR didn't know what...
  14. D

    I got hired but haven't been put to work??

    Hi All, So I am normally a hustle get things done kinda person but, I have a big dilemma.. I got hired as a Part-Time Package Handler|Preloader for the UPS Facility in my area but after several attempts it would seem things are either highly unorganized or just not very busy which is weird...
  15. F

    Worried About if I'm going to start as a Unloader/Loader

    Hello all! I've done a lot of reading on this forum, more than I am probably suppose to do, considering the fact that I haven't had my first day yet. I figured out I would be in local 804 if everything goes well. I understand the No/Yes debate and I'm tying to figure out if that's why I haven't...
  16. U

    First night in hub experience

    After 2 days of in the classroom safety procedures and all of that was done we were assigned where to go. They put me as a loader. My trainer was very nice and helped me all night, he taught me almost everything I needed to know and my supervisor was cool too. Getting used to the scanner...
  17. G

    Injury outside of work as a new hire, what happens now? - On Topic

    Okay... so I literally just started doing package handling this last Wednesday at the Hodgkins UPS, and I worked the whole week. Last night I just sprained my foot. Outside of work. I know there’s the 30 day probational period. Can I call off say for a couple days to a week? Or is that a...
  18. D1BrownBengal

    My First Day as Part-time Sup. Any recommendations ?

    Hello Everyone, -I am a new part-time sup hired off the street with management experienced. I have also worked in a union environment. I want to know what is important to you and how can I build a respectful relationship with you guys. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.
  19. K

    IS 48 too old to start @ UPS?

    I'm healthy, active, and would want to work until 67. I'm in the interview process now, and keeping an eye on the strike. Any comments?
  20. BigJamesBrown

    Casual feeder, holiday feeder, feeder tractor-trailer trailer!

    New Member Hello, I work this past year as a casual feeder driver for the holidays, and was told at the end of the season that I had made the top 10 call back list. Sure enough 4 months later (present time) I get a call from HR asking me if I still wanted the feeder position? Of course I said...