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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by drew782003, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. drew782003

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    I will be going to driving school monday for Sat-air driver. Does anyone know about test. How hard is it? And what do you have to make on written test to pass they told me I had to make 100% they said it has to be word for word is that true? Thanks
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    It really depends on who is conducting the training class. I've heard storys about people in other districts failing out of the class because they weren't able to recite the "10 point commentary" word for word and period for period. In my district the people that are currently teaching the class aren't that anal about it. They won't let people fail. For them the most important thing is understanding the material. Not having perfect grammar and punctuation.
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    Around here you only need 95% to pass. :crying:
  4. Jack4343

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    Driving school for Sat. air driver? Wow, I didn't know they did that. I was taken to an old 1000, and given a road test. I didn't get any official training until I went to cover driving school. The Sat. air drivers do need training though. As least show them how to work the DIAD and tell them where the gas pumps are. (I don't think any of them know how to put gas in the trucks! :) )
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    I went to one week of school last summer for Sat air driving. Was in a group of regular wanna be drivers. We never did take a written test. As we practiced driving they asked us to recite the commentary and seeing habits but never was there a test. I believe we all passed but he made notes about all of us needing to become more familiar with the vehicles.

    They will give you hints to memorize the commentary and seeing habits and that makes it easier. You'll be fine. Relax, have fun and best of luck.

    Oh, be careful about going out drinking with your new driver buddies. Makes you feel like crap the next day and turns practice driving into a real rush. dw