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    Bribes, money for those who knew of it and some of the drugs too I bet.
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    AHA! Now we know why Feth was seducing cement truck drivers.
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    It will never be stopped.
    Legalize, regulate, and tax heavily.
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    Oh sure. You`re retired and can smoke it.
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    For Sale : One tunnel boring machine ( TBM ) , hardly used.
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    According to my wife I'm goofy enough as it is.
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    No testing in package. What happens off the clock, stays off the clock :wink2:
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    Prostitution or Drugs ?? :happy-very:
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    Both but Jones just lost his "no testing in package" thingy!
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    speaking of leading causes of death, i wonder where terrorism stands on that list ;) and i wonder if the US government is the leading cause of death in any of these third world countries.

    "Heroin is now the leading cause of death in Americans under 50. In a special edition of On Contact, Chris Hedges travels to Sayerville, New Jersey to share the story of one of those victims- Shannon Miller, who died of an overdose at the age of 23."

    one of the comments LOL: "We can thank the CIA and their poppy production in Afghanistan. We can call it population control."

    i think drugs is a pretty big problem in my city too. we also have capitalism problems, and distraction problems, conformity problems, and narcissism problems lol
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    Highly doubtful ... 3rd world countries have a higher mortality rate than 1st and 2nd world countries.
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    Opioid abuse has displaced 'vehicle accidents' as the leading cause of death in Americans under age 25.
    Oxycodone and fentanyl are probably killing more right now than Heroin.
    The 'Heroin deaths' have increased dramatically because the drug dealers and manufacturers mix fentanyl with the heroin to make it more desirable and people are overdosing on it.
    It's in the rural areas too ... 5 deaths in the last week in rural Georgia ... that they know of.
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    yea i was thinking it was pretty unlikely that even 1 country you could say that. perhaps if you include US influence over the economy / political system + bombs, drone strikes, death squad support then maybe.
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    some more youtube comments from that video haha. i cant comment on the accuracy of some of them, but the CIA ones sounds familiar:

    Charles Wilson2 days ago

    Josh Lockie2 days ago
    Until we accept that people are addicted to kill the pain of a sick society and not for pleasure this problem will continue to get worse."

    Wylliam Reichart2 days ago
    Heroin is run by the CIA globally.

    Wayne Mickel2 days ago
    The US has been bringing the Opiates into this country and other countries since the 1800's the Russel Family used to bring it in went to Teddy Roosevelt, to Taft the Russels worked for Taft in the government Franklin Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson to Nixon to the Bushes all brought heroin over to the states noe it is the CIA and Afghanistan our military sit there and protects the fields

    harveybirdmannequin2 days ago
    Sounds like a rich people problem to me. How much does heroin cost? People just trying to escape from the soul crushing drudgery of capitalism.
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    in the video above, the family spent $100,000 easily on trying to cure their daughter of drugs. he describes obamacare as sucking LOL
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    There is a movement that lists cause of death from OD in an obits.
    Long over due.
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    in the video above they talk about spending 25,000 to bury their daughter,having to fight with the insurance companies to get coverage, and saying theres a whole industry that profits off off peoples health problems.

    great system.

    when you have an insurance system, you create a bureaucracy. so instead of physio or my foot doctor just being free and covered by taxes, i have to waste time filling out a form which i then send to some insurance company bureaucrat too look over to either pay me or not. in addition, i send a copy to the government tax bureaucracy so they can get me some tax write off. so you take both of those and mulitply all the time everyone wasted doing these activities and it really adds up.

    also the tax system which does or does not make an attempt at redistributing wealth which is so poorly distributed in the first place by capitalism and government is also a massive bureaucracy.
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    After reading all your positive posts I think I need some drugs. Boy what a downer duuuude.