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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by tourists24, Jul 25, 2009.

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    I dont how many of you know what drum circles are, but we have these all the time around here. I went to one tonight and was just blown away. The video doesnt give it justice. These things are unscripted and unrehearsed for the most part. You have a drum and want to join just pull up a chair or a piece of dirt and join in. Sometimes they can get 40 to 50 going all at once. I know I know it's a hippie fest, but everyone I know thats been to one loved it. Just thought Id share:::
  2. Jones

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    Asheville seems a lot more interesting to me now :wink2:.
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    It's great to see people getting together to have a good time. I say - More drum banging = less head banging. One question though does a drum circle in the middle of a corn field form a crop circle?:happy2:

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    Nothing wrong with being a hippie ... many of their ideas are embraced by 55 year old and older, although they will not admit it.

    I bet even rod and more are closet hippies :funny:.
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    I would post some pictures of my "hippie days" but everytime I dig them out my wife says I go into some kind of trance and get this strange look of happiness all over. I even remember some of those times. P.S. The wife was a flower child also but she likes the way life is now.

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    If I worked third shift and lived near there, my eyes would have dark circles.:knockedout:
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    Main instruction.....Just Beat It !!! :happy-very:
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    And I thought you did not like Michael Jackson


    or my favorite:
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    funny you mention that. there was some controversay a while back about the noise level. But it is done on Friday evenings for a couple of hours. The drummers were allowed to keep it banging. The city's official slogan.... "Asheville,,, any way you like it"..... lol