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  1. They have not taken dues out of my check for the past 6 months or so. Im going to make top rate in December. Has anybody else experienced this? This has to be a screw-up of some sort. I have $10 a week taken out for the United Way and contributions to my 401 taken out. I mentioned it to a veteran driver and he said they were probably taking too much out in the prior months.
  2. sendagain

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    You should call the union and get them to look into it.
  3. hungrydude5

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    yea dood, ask NOW before they ask for back dues. you dont want that, trust me.
  4. brett636

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    I've had a similar experience. About this time last year they quit taking out dues from my paycheck for about 5 weeks, then they started taking them out again at the normal rate.
  5. Working4TheBene's

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    That is a tricky one... I would definitely contact your local union... Sometimes it's a UPS problem, sometimes it's a union issue... But in any event, you definitely don't want to owe the union any back dues!!!
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    Call the hall there and get it checked out if they have not taken too much and you are behind they could take it out all at once. That would not be a goo Christmas gift to find opening your check right before the holidays.