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    Monday we had a part-time SUP driving a a bulk cart, no certification of course and lets just say he had an accident which put him in the hospital for a minimum of five days. While he is in the hospital, the rest of us will be under the microscope from upper management and OSHA. Almost all of our supervisor drive the bulk carts without certification, and I have been tempted so many times but its not worth losing your job over.
  2. Buck Fifty

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    File a grievance !
  3. htown0721

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    Well I would, but you see I am a p/t sup
  4. cachsux

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    Blow the whistle to OSHA. You're federally protected.
  5. Brownslave688

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    What type of certification are u talking about you don't need a cdl
  6. htown0721

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    At my center, you have to take a safety test and receive a card stating your have completed everything and are certified to drive the bulk carts. I think its more for audits just to make sure that people driving the bulk carts know what they are doing, however, you can see how well that works
  7. Jackburton

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    If someone was killed because you failed to report it, are you going to be able to sleep at night?
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    He has to call management first and ask if he's allowed to sleep.
  9. htown0721

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    No need to report it, happened right in front of the center manager
  10. Jackburton

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    Gotcha, well I hope something is done about proper training of anyone using the irreg carts before someone is seriously hurt or killed.
  11. Cementups

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    In our building, that's a job done by hourlies.
  12. htown0721

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    As far as I know every hourly is trained how to use them properly. It's people like the pt sup that ignore safety procedures and use the carts anyways that make the rest of us look like idiots in front of our employees when we try to teach and encourage safety.
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    Ties, maroon polo shirts, and anything wheels don't mix. Leave the driving to us.
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    All that free money going to waste . That's the bigger problem here.
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    Omg same thing happened at my hub. Weird.
  16. Integrity

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    What action did the center manager take regarding this violation?

  17. Inthegame

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    That's what I was thinking... unless this guy was just tooling around not moving packages. If he was pulling one cart with one package, someone should be filing.
  18. JonFrum

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    Probably PITO training and certification, so you can proudly say you are a Powered Industrial Truck Operator, I'm guessing.

    My building is a maze of supports for the conveyor belts, so there is no room for a bulk (irregulars) train to operate. We just use old-fashioned carts to wheel the bulk through the building. But we do have a fork truck, and I have to be PITO certified to operate it.

    There's also Egress Compliance. A Bulk Train Operator can't leave his unit blocking a walkway or exit except under very limited cercumstances as specified in a Corporate-wide Settlement Agreement (CSA) with the Department of Labor.
  19. klolx

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    Sounds like you mad that he got 5 days off lol. but OSHA is serious business
  20. btrlov

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    Most p/t sups are not dumb enough to progress any work on a bulk cart. That's an obvious union target. He was either fooling around, setting up his bulk carts(because the hour-lies dont come in on time to do it themselves), retrieve his bulk cart(because the hourlies intentionally take them one at a time, when they can take them all- to extent thier time on the clock) or if the sup is looking for the bulk driver hourlies that disappear, abusing the sort(cigarette breaks in the yard, talking on phone etc)....

    The penalty will simply depend on the paperwork. Was he trained, was he suppose to be trained but his boss failed to train, was certification faked, were there employees willing and able to do whatever he was doing, did the p/t exhaust his means, Does he have an injury history, was he specifically instructed to drive, why did the FT Sup permit an uncertified p/t sup to drive etc