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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by MD Dan, Feb 1, 2008.

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    The EAM work in our center was done by full timers for about 10 years without a problem but in the last year all but one of the 8 full timers doing the work have been replaced by air drivers. there is a grievance in the works and has been tentatively scheduled for arbitration in July '08. I am told by my BA that there is a similar case going to arbitration in California in March or April. Does anyone have any info on the CA case or anything else?
  2. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    What's the grievance based on?
  3. MD Dan

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    Article 40 section 1: " Air driver work hall consist of delivery of air packages wwhich, because of time and customer commitments cannot be reasonably done by regular package drivers." We delivered the EAM's for 10 plus years without any problems--late EAM's or trouble delivering our own 10:30 commits.
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    More weak language. Are these 22.3 air drivers or just part-time air drivers? Are you SURE there's been no issues with time OR customer committments? In the company eyes, not your own....
    Just playing devils advocate here. I'm assumign this is going to cut down your OT as well. Has your start time been pushed back, also?

    Sorry I don't have any knowledge of the case in CA or being much of any help.
  5. MD Dan

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    Some 22.3 and some part-time. The company states that they are cheaper and that when doing EAM's we were exceeding the company imposed 9.5 hour limit. Yes, our start times have been pushed from 7:30 AM to 8:35 AM. And yes, it has cut into my OT-- I made $3,000 less in '07 than '06.
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    Me thinks you'll lose that one. Air drivers are used country wide. Also, they CAN change your start time, and obviously you can't do EAMs with your new start time. (Devils advocate also!)

    Make sure you let us know how this progresses.
  7. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    The centers/hubs up here in ENE all have early AM part-time and 22.3 air drivers, it sounds like your building is finally catching up to the times. I'm not a veteran driver or anything, just a 22.3. The 9.5 thing is part of it which makes sense, and also it surely is cheaper to use air drivers for air work. A case can probably be made both ways; the contract language would probably indicate this. Usually goes in UPS's favor.
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    I live in Northern California and am aware of the dispute. We have used air drivers for many years here and just added a few more to keep from having the drivers go out. The main reason that this was done was because of the 9.5. There are a lot of drivers that have filed and some of them were delivering the EAM's. To me it is kind of pointless to come in and ask to have extra work then file a greivance that you worked over 9.5.

    There was a greivance several years back when we added the 22.3 drivers to one of the buildings and stopped having the drivers deliver them. The Union lost that one at the first level and I don't see the new one going much further either.

    Just my opinion.
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    The way I see it is that the fact that the company has gotten away with violating the contract most of the time and at most of the places does not mean that they can do it all places all of the time. The EAM work is clearly reserved for regular package drivers and the company may not violate the contract for economic reasons or because it is convenient for management.
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    Soory Life UPSER, I didn't see your post before mine went up. None of the drivers in my grievance have filed a 9.5 grievance since they are all looking for the OT anyway.
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    We use only Package Drivers to do EAM work in my Hub, I'm one of them. Our routes are bid routes. We only use one PT Air Driver who goes to the airport to get anything that comes in late. Our Shuttle Driver gets 55-60 hours a week, the other seven of us are kept at nine-five. Because of my 6:30 AM Start Time, two hours of work is pulled off my regular route so I clock out at 5 PM. Somebody has to do it.......
  12. Coldworld

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    I also thought that eam's had their own drivers. Another example of how different each part of the country is with different aspects of ups business.
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    Our EAM work was bid by full time package drivers way back in the day.

    But these days we don't even get our air to the center until after the EAM commit time. EAMs go out with normal air and we hit the road after 9 AM.
  14. Steward773

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    MD Dan, I think you work in my building, if not then we are having the same problem. About 13 years ago I became a cover driver, before then I was preload/sat. air driver. We had about 15 air drivers at that time. A year or two after I started cover driving, a switch was made from air drivers doing air work during the week ( letter box, on call airs, large air pickups) to regular package drivers. So from that time the number of air/sat. air drivers diminished to a few. We started using full time drivers for EAM and saturday work to get the work done. Now all of a sudden in one center, they cut the full timers doing EAM's and replaced them with the few air drivers. In my center they are still using full timers. Just like another post said, it's different everywhere in the country, jeez it's different from center to center in our building. But what else is new, this works in the company's favor. If we all don't get on the same page and start coming together as one......it will continue to get worse and worse.
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    I would love to have your route. Those hours are great! I don't mind working long hours, its when those hours are that I don't like. When you punch out at 5 you still have the opportunity to do things that evening like go to your kids games of see a Braves game that starts at 7:05.

    With an 845 start, 9.5 for me is 7:15 which is far too late to make at baseball game starting at 7:05. By the time I get home at 8 there is only enough time to eat and hang around the house.
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    In our centers air drivers run EAMs. 99% of the time anyway. None of our full-time drivers want to run them. I think it works out better that way. I mean why not give part-timers more work if they want it. Full-timers are already making bank so why not let us part-timers get a piece of that action? :) I run EAMS/and excess NDAs just about every day that I don't do coverage work. It's only possible because none of the full-timers want to start early.
  17. wily_old_vet

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    I was in Metro DC and when I retired two years ago the EAMs were being done by pt air drivers Occasionally they would ask a full timer to do one but only in a emergency. I was in the Burtonsville bldg
  18. FREE-B

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    The NorCal early am case is scheduled for arbitration in late April 2008 that involves the local unions surrounding the Sacramento area (excluding Local 150). The dispute is over the expansion of the early am delivery area and the elimination of full-time employees performing early am work and replacing them with lower paid part-time early am drivers. A decision is not likely until later in the year.
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    In my building I have seen Eam's come through for a long time, but only recently within the past two years have they actually had a commit time of 9:00 (we're an hour away from the airport). Drivers start at 9:05. Obviously full time drivers can't make service on these packages. Hence we have four less than 8 hour air driver that deliver eam's and 10:30 air. I had this job before going full time. Best part time job ever!!
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    We are having a dispute in the DC area. Not sure what district we are in now since it recently changed.
    Saturday work is done by PT drivers with normally an interest list going up on Thursday for FT drivers to help since they are always about 3 short. Our new district does it by seniority with one caveat, any driver that wants to work on Saturday must have only worked 4 days during the week. They don't want anyone to have 6 punches during the week. Is this part of the contract anywhere?