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    The EAM work in our center was done by full timers for about 10 years without a problem but in the last year all but one of the 8 full timers doing the work have been replaced by air drivers. there is a grievance in the works and has been tentatively scheduled for arbitration in July '08. I am told by my BA that there is a similar case going to arbitration in California in March or April. Does anyone have any info on the CA case or anything else?

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    dont know of anything in SoCal, maybe northern Cal.
    I use to do Eam's and it was done by PT Air drivers. Over the last 5-6 years it is mainly gone to combo jobs. They tried using FT package at one point but it didn't work out for the centers.
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    Here in Philly it is done by PT Air Drivers (I used to be one before becoming a FT Package Driver). What is your start time in DC? We don't get started till 8:30.
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    Our EAMs are done by our combo driver but there are times when they have asked FT drivers to start early to ensure that the EAMs get delivered on time.
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    In our center, combo drivers and air drivers get the call 1st, unless it is in one of our outlying areas, then the driver that delivers that area runs it and meets for the rest of their air.

    We have had regular F/T guys file that same grievance and they lost.

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