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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by gator, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. gator

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    i have been with brown for almost 10 years and for the last 7 months i have been an early am driver and like it. i don't remember seeing on the bid sheet that i would have to run air for the centers when i come back from my early am route. Supervisors are telling us that according to the union we are required to do so. Now i think they are blowing smoke you know were, who is right? Had i known i would be required to run air after getting back i don't think i would have signed up for early am driving. thanks.
  2. trickpony1

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    The supervisors will tell you anything they think you are stupid enough to believe.
    Have you checked with the union steward or business agent?
    This may be one of those "...work as directed..." issues that management so convienently pulls out of their hat (to use a word).
  3. gator

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    I have not checked with anybody but since i have been doing eam they have told us this twice and they don't seem to do anything about it if you don't go and deliver for a center so i'm thinking its a bunch of bs. My feeling is that if it was for real it would have been on the job description when these positions were posted.
  4. 87airdriver

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    is eams extrawork for you or is it your primary job
  5. gator

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    it is my primary job at ups, i also am a saturday air driver. I used to be a pm air driver for 7 years and not once did a ups supervisor inform me of coming in in the morning and running nda/2da etc. packages.
  6. rngri4

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    In our contract in our area, there is no such thing as an Early AM Driver, you are an Air Driver, or nothing, and yes we do provide EAM service. Check your contract language in your area, because if you are classified as an "air driver" they can make you run anything but ground. We had a person apply for a new FT Combo Preload/Air Driver job, and she wanted less hours, she is actually getting at least 13 hours a day when it is all said and done, by the time people are shuttling, and delivering every from 2nd and 3rd day air...they are air drivers...right, it is a long day, and IMO screwing someone somewhere out of a job!
  7. Diamond

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    rngri4, you mention air drivers running 3rd day airs. I hope you're not referring to 3 day selects, because these packages are ground, not air. If an air driver delivers or shuttles a 3 day they're supposed to be compensated the difference between their air rate and the top package car driver rate. Management may try to convince you that 3 days are air. Don't fall for it. 3 day select is a premium ground service. The service guarantees delivery in 3 days. Sometimes they will actually fly 3 day to make their guarantee, but nonetheless it is still a ground package. If you move a ground package without proper payment you are not only cheating yourself, but other package car drivers that could have the work. If air drivers are running ground at a lesser rate of pay, who do you think they're going to have do the work?
  8. GoSlowEarnDough

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    Management can require you to deliver air in reverse seniority order. Once you become an air driver you are under article 40 in the contract and all air drivers are under this article. If you want to push the issue management needs to have a list of ALL qualified air drivers and if they need someone they need to start at the bottom of the list call the employees (home, cell, pager). This seniority should start when you first started driving air. In your case that would be 10 years ago and not when u started eam driving. Good luck, remember always work as directed and file the grievence later.