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    Why does UPS make it so hard for preloaders to ship a package at 7am. I can ship ok, if everything is done in advance, or if I want to hang around until 10 in the morning, that is when they open the doors to the public. Well I am Not the public, nor do I have a shipping scale at home. Sure would be nice if UPS would help us employees with our shipping needs, we matter too....
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    Go to Staples.
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    The easiest way to do it would be to go to ups.com and ship it yourself. You need a major credit card to do this.

    In our center the counter is only open from 3-6 pm. Employees who want to pay with cash or by check will simply leave the package(s) and form of payment on the customer counter, where they will be processed and a receipt left with their supervisor.

    You can also use an ASO. Staples charges what we charge at the customer counter.
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    Just fill out an ASD or GSD w/credit card number and tell your driver to scan it. He can give you the receipt the next day after he weighs it on one his pickups scale.
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    There is an additional charge added by UPS for processing an ASD--I believe it is $5.
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    Glad my center opens the customer counter right at 9AM. Sometimes I just go in and hang out with the drivers who do their PCMs in there as preload ends because the Cust counter guy is always in there with them so i just bug him a little bit. :)
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    UPS doesn't give it employees any preferred treatment just because we work for them we pay the same rates as everyone else and the customer counter are open the same hours for US as they are for non-UPS employees. It all comes down to abuse of the system and the bottom line.

    You can always go to a another place that ships UPS like the others have said but it going to cost you a little more than shipping from a company run shipping center.
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    Our customer center opens at 8am.

    If you go to a UPS Store, you'll pay the regular UPS rate. If you go to any other non-UPS run store, you will pay extra fees.
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    Ground and 3-Day Select have a $5 surcharge. All flavors of NDA and 2DA do not -- for now.

    The regular UPS base rates. Keep in mind that any accessorial charges (declared value, rural surcharges, HI & AK surcharges, signature requirements, COD, etc.) may have a mark-up that can differ from TUPSS to TUPSS.

    ASO's mark-up from their cost. Theoretically they don't have to (nor does TUPSS have to charge full UPS rates, either), but if an ASO is not marking-up to more than retail counter rates, they're not covering any operating margin (aka, overhead costs, labor costs, etc.).

    Personally, I find it quite odd that there is no UPS employee discount on shipping. There's got to be one heck of a story behind that one.