Education Assistance Program



I was looking around UPSers and noticed this program. My hub does not have it of course. Anyway I tried to log on by entering my employee number in the nonmanagment part of the program and it did not let me in because my location did not have the program. I tired logging into the part time managment part and it let me in to submit my application. I told my boss about this and she said nothing would happen. A week later I got an email that said my application has been approved. I then told my boss that and she said the system was autimated and that I was defrading the system. Any ideas. Do you think I will get the check? Sorry to make this so long. Thanks guys for having this web site.


I know it's been a year passed, but feel compelled to share my experience. I went through same deal: submitted app for approval, finished my term, school helped me submit required documents accordingly (i.e. grades, receipts, etc.) and within 2 weeks or so, I received the check in the mail.