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  1. keithurban

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    anyone every report a boss for harssment? or anything on that line? everyting is his from the pkg car to the dr bag does anyone know the phone number to call to report this person ,what else can we or i do we had a about 3 people call about this boss but no results the boss is the worst i ever had gonna be a long peak need help to get the boss out of the center

  2. 30andout

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    Seems like that's the kind of managers they like these days.
  3. trickpony1

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    The number is 1-800-{***-**** edited by moderator, please exchange non public information by private message}
    I put it in my cell speed dial in case anyone at work wants it.
    I thought that dialing *67 before dialing the 1-800 number would jam their caller ID but a poster posted saying that wouldn't work with 1-800 numbers. That post subsequently disappeared from this board so I don't know if it will jam their caller ID or not. The disappearing poster suggested calling from a pay phone.
    Regarding your situation, another poster on this board said that he and a bunch of other employees called the 1-800 number and actually got a corporate HR person flown in to investigate their problem. So, I guess, give it a try.
    Good luck.
  4. Jingles

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    Interesting way to look at it, Truckpony. How would an employee hope to have "their" problem addressed if "they" don't identify themselves.
    "um yes, I am being harassed by my center manager. Could you help me with that?" What exactly would they say to the center manager? "Yes, apparently, you might be harassing one of the 50 drivers working for you, but we can't really say who it might be, clean it up, ok?"
    You bet they would.
    By the way, whoever told you that a corporate HR person came out to investigate is confused, misinformed, or simply lying.
    The 800 number does not go to corporate, and the issues called into that line do not go to the corporate office. They are received by a third party, go to the region, and are immediately turned back over to the district that they come from, because....wait for it, that is the only place they can be corrected.
    Happy holidays, everyone!
  5. VoiceOfReason

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    I had it called on me a while back by a turd part time insider that got canned soon after. HR took it REAL serious and I was interviewed and scrutinized very closely by district folks as was he and then he did something else and got fired and that was that.

    So what I'm saying is regardless of whether the issue is legit or not action will be taken if the call is made.
  6. trickpony1

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    Thanks, Voice of Reason.
    There you have it Mr. Jingles.
    If a number of "unidentifieds" call in on a particular manager/situation then it would suggest that there is a problem.
    My comments about a corporate HR person being flown in to investigate an alleged problem were based on a recent poster's statements about a situation at his location.
    Was he lying? I don't know but "Voice of Reason's" post suggests he wasn't.
    Not a bad deduction from a dumb truck driving "truckpony"
    Merry Christmas.
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  7. hoser

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    just my $0.02, this is an internal phone number which should not be published on a website viewable by the public. at the very most, it should be PM'ed to the member who wants it, or that member should talk to his union shop steward.

    *67 does not "jam" a caller id. it blocks your number from being viewed. it should block any callid except for users that need it (ie: emergency services), but of course, you should never rely on technology to hide yourself. going to a payphone in a location close to the centre is a wise idea.
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  8. wildgoose

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    Yeah that number really works ? Your calling the company to help you against one of theirs ? They put these clowns here to get results and
    thats the objective. See what the final outcome is really ! He is still there. And when they find out you have called the 1-800 thats when you really need to watch out. Be prepared to watch out for every little thing. Save your $ for some extended not scheduled vacations :w00t: ps make a copy of vacation schedule too cause they just love changing it.
  9. rod

    rod retired and happy

    So the problem is the boss claims everything is his? So what? Tell him "his" pkg car needs fixed (ask him to sign the car condition report because it's "his" ), or give him "his" dr bag and ask for your own. Make a game out of it. (They don't like it if they feel your not taking them seriously). Come on people grow some kahonas. This is playing in the sandbox crap. Lifes too short to whine about trivial stuff.:)
  10. hoser

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    Don't be so cynical. The hotline exists for various reasons, like whistleblowers wanting to let UPS know about unethical business practices, harasssment, or other problems. By letting UPS know, they investigate and take corrective action if neccessary. This way, UPS can say they acted in good faith when faced with a sexual harassment or corporate espionage lawsuit.

    I have faith that UPS would keep my information secret, especially consdiering I am helping out the greater company. Giving a name gives credibility, and the only reason why I would call in is because I know I'm doing the right thing and that I would be protected. Now if I were whistle blowing something that would make the national media, I'd call from a payphone near the UPS centre at 1230noon and say my name is Resoh ;)
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  11. Cezanne

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    Hoser, you are pulling our chain, aren't you? If you are not I have got some swamp land in Florida you might be willing to invest in or maybe a small bridge in Brooklyn:cool:
  12. hoser

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    you seriously believe UPS doesn't give a crap about ethics....

    let's use the cynical upser theory: UPS only cares about profit.
    catching unethical actions SAVES MONEY. they can spend it on STOCK DIVIDENDS, not LAWYERS. it makes their SHAREHOLDERS HAPPY. it makes their BRAND LOOK GOOD.

    ...not to mention that it's morally obligatory.
  13. trickpony1

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    The company has money to piss away on whatever they feel like at the moment.
    I'm just guessing but, based on your idealist views, would you be a younger individual that hasn't been with company very long?
    Ethics and morals? Those sank when the "Good Ship Lollipop" went down. Sure, the company is gonna put up a good outward appearance for the public when it involves their time sensitive product, just like the company parades "safety" when it suits their purpose or an outside agency is watching. I agree with the poster that said, to the effect, that the company isn't the same one that it was 100 years ago. The "old guard" that cared about service ("it's our only product") have been replaced by young "number crunchers" whose "knee jerk" reactions are to Wall Street and not to the customer. Remember the "customer", you know, the person who can spend his/her money somewhere else?
    I, too, have my doubts about the future.
  14. hoser

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    Hey, just because I'm not full of corporate angst doesn't mean I'm an idealist. There's no point trying to convince you, considering the conviction you have that UPS is a highly unethical company.
  15. Cezanne

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    Corporations or any status quo power structure in general only are considered unethical only when they get caught, most woud be considered amoral at best. Not evil or good, does the term the business of doing business mean anything to you. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely would be another word picture. Man, just look at the games being played in our federal government, just a tip of the iceberg.

    As trickpony1 observed that you are relative new as an employee, would be interesting to see how you feel with a little seasoning under your belt. Imagine that I will be long retired before your idealist attitude changes, start listening to the veterans, weed out the stupid stuff and useless whinning and maybe you will learn a nugget of truth or reality.
  16. schoonerman

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    Here's how the process works....

    Calls to the 1-800 # go to a third party vendor, who inputs the information, sends it to Corporate Compliance, who assigns the concerns to region & district H.R. The district investigates the concern, not Corporate. Districts are closer to the situation and are better able to address the employee's concern. Occasionally Corporate will investigate or address the concern, but those instances are rare. Districts have 14 business days to address the concern, try to reach resolution and then send in their report to Corporate to close the concern. The Retaliation policy is reviewed with the caller and with everyone identified in the concern.

    If employees are using the Help Line to "get the boss out of the center," then they are not using the Help Line properly. It might be that the "boss" is holding poor performers accountable, but the employee doesn't like it and uses it as a weapon to get back at the boss.
  17. wildgoose

    wildgoose WILDGOOSE

    Hoser hasn`t been here for 20 + years. His eyes are still seeing green ! He`s thinking that he can change the thinking of corporate giant. They even got the union under their thumb. Hoser even thinks the pension will be around with the union too ! Its just a matter of time before it withers away under the IBT administration. Hoffa is lining his pockets before the bottom falls out ! 60% goes to other receipients. The sheep keep on fallowing blindly because its the right thing to support the guys that take care of us for $68 a month ?
  18. browniehound

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    Hoser, is that you Dannyboy? Man I was wondering where you've been the last few months??? If its not you, my apoligies. But I can't believe there are 2 people in this world so up on their high horses:w00t:
  19. hoser

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    Welcome to BrownCafe, schoonerman! Great post.

    Oh, you don't think I see UPS as a flawed entity with horrific corporate culture? You have to realise that successful, well run companies don't have their performance based on the satasfaction of unionized blue-collar employees who make $29/hr, but how well things are run and how happy customers are. Simply because I make this assertion doesn't mean I'm "seeing green" on "some kind of high horse" or that I "can change the thinking of a corporate gian".

    Who said I supported the union or the pension plan? :confused:1 Where the hell did the Hoffa tirade come from?
  20. trickpony1

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    I have thought the same thing.