Entire paycheck for initiation fee???

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Boston pete, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Thats inside, not helpers. Helpers are peak only.
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    First time working for UPS was this peak as a driver helper. My first two paychecks were both less than $20 thanks to union dues and thanksgiving etc. I was hired in Sept and told id be working oct 6th, but the person who hired me neglected to mention that it would only be for 2 hrs of training online (watching videos). I actually started working thanksgiving week and I was told id get "weekly" bonus checks but they didnt come. Im now on week 4, and I am pretty sure they are going to take out more union dues for december from the check im getting tomorrow. If I dont start seeing these "weekly bonus checks" soon im not sure what im going to do... I was told so many things that turned out to be bs.
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    If this is your real name please change it to something else.

    How do you do it?

    Hover the pointy thing over your name in the upper right hand corner tool bar.

    A menu will drop down.

    Username change is third from the bottom...lower right corner.

    Click on it to change your username.

    Very simple process...
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    Helper language does not get any better in the new contract... All BS.
    You and everyone else need to stop taking the bait and let them flounder, that position should be offered to preloaders, night sort first.
    I suggest you do the same and ask for inside employment if the fun $20 checks are not cutting it.
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    you owe money
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    Why try to hide his identity? UPS corporate going to put a target on his back?
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    Gotta love a Union being greedy.
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    Hang in there Griswold
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    The initiation fee for permanent employees is $150 here. $0 for seasonal.
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    Someone grew a set.
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    Your union at work

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