Epididymitis *A Serious Health Question*

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  1. I am a preloader and latly have been feeling very dull to sharp pains in both my right kidney and well as my right testicle. I was convinced i was having another kidney stones as they were similar pains from one i had a few years ago. Anyway after work yesterday i could barly stand in pain in both parts were killing me and i made it through my shift and finally decided to go to the ER.

    After a CT scan showed no stone they took an ultrasound of my testicles and later told me i had Epididymitis they DR told me that with this particular job constant heavy lifting can push urine back into the epididmis. As most preloaders will know we are always busting our backs with a full bladder not stop one package after another me personally load 5000-6000 packages a week with an average weight of 20lbs thats 100000-120000 lbs a month!!! Never mind per year

    Anyway my question is has anyone every experienced this or have similar pain in there kidney or nuts?
  2. WESLA

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    That's not good!
    You really shouldn't let management push you to the point of not going to the bathroom when you have to go. They might try an tell you it would be work stoppage but that's bull. Good luck in your fight!
  3. Yea its actually 100000 lbs a week!!! give or take
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    Reminds me of a preloader I knew who put an orange down his pants and ran around screaming, "OMG! I busted a nut!".
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    Get some strange lately? Catch the clap?
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    I sneezed real hard while delivering a package up some stairs years ago, and I dropped to my knees in pain. It felt like I busted my right nut. It was hard to walk, so I packed it in and went to the ER. I got the same diagnosis as you. If I remember right, they gave me some antibiotics for it. Very painful. About once a year, that nut gets tender for no reason at all. Makes me wonder if it is a recurring condition.
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    Had a vasectomy about 8 years ago and had sore nuts about two years later. Went to the urologist and he said I had to start wearing briefs as it seems to be a common problem after a vasectomy by those who wear boxers. Well 8 years later I still get sore nuts for about 2 days and slap some briefs on over the weekend and that usually fixes it, otherwise it's boxers full time.
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    If you want to have children? Worry about what happened to your semen
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    Not to be a prick, but I ponder your intent in posting this. This is not a health forum and we are not qualified medical professionals.

    If you have a "full bladder" than I suggest you use the restroom.

    Frequent urination is typically a sign of a medical condition, so if you have to pee multiple times a day and possess a generic doctor's note, no UPS managerial employee will question you. If they do, contact HR and/or grieve it. If that fails (unlikely), contact a lawyer.

    We have PTers who use the bathroom everyday three, four or even six times each -- even when they clock out in less than 3.5 WITH a ten minute break. Occassionally management will try to do something about it, but they quickly give up after realizing this is a battle the company doesn't want to deal with.
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    I think his intention is to wonder if others have had the same condition. Not real complicated if you ask me. I don't remember him asking if any of us is a doctor on the weekends. Just be glad you can bitch about the post and not the condition. I can't think of a worse spot to have biting pain.
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    Every day that I work , I get a really sharp stabbing pain in my back.
    I finally realized it was from all the knives mgt was putting there.
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    you're lucky my pain is a little more south
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    Which testicle hurts?
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    Why, are you planning on kissing it and making it better? Lol
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    I had it about a year ago. Not fun at all.
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    I am PT and urinate 4-5 times a shift. I never felt guilt. I am drinking water constantly and despite sweating like a whore in church, still have to go every hour. I am sorry about your condition.
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    Nut up.

    You gotta piss a little bit, big deal.
  18. bleedinbrown58

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    No pun intended?
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    It worked when mother kissed boo-boos.
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    Seems OK for him to place it here. To me. Some people never go to the medical question area, and he wanted advice, information from people who lift for a living.