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Just curious if anyone agrees with regards to the ERI. So here is the math formula:

1. Sups and Managers have a portion of their annual review based on the results of their operations ERI

2. Virtually ALL sups and MOST managers would agree they are powerless to run their operation as they want since the mandates come from IE, region, corp...etc

3. ERI is geared towards center and building level questions with very little input as to the current direction of the company

It would tend to add up to the ERI being reduced to a paper game where front-line management has to sell a lemon they dont believe in. On a side note, had another management employee ask we if, ready for this, it was OK to take the ERI for the 11 people that were on (comp, leave, vacation) in order to show 100% participation. Of course I said no but i know he did so anyways. (and would you believe those 11 people just lovvvvvvvved their jobs). Maybe, just maybe, someday we will get someone in the ivory tower that wants the front line opinion of how we feel about the path the company is on, how "in tune" corporate is to the real world of UPS or why we continue to lose market share. Maybe us dumb ole ignorant grunts (management and hourly) might be able to help with the answers. But then again maybe its just me because over 90% of the employees according to our ERI think ALL IS WELL.


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Sorry to disappoint you, but no I'm just ole me without any disguise. Sure would like to comment on the one you have been wearing lately though....


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Please forgive me for my mistake in thinking you and browntruth were one and the same. I'm well aware that several other posters have simular views to yours concerning UPS management. but browntruth's views and yours are identical and that's why I mistakenly thought you and he were the same person. Again, I'm sorry if my error caused any confusion. Thank you for setting me straight.


I also offer you my apology for believing you and trickpony were one and the same.
I'm glad you found someone (trickpony) who shares your views on UPS management. Hopefully you and he will share many happy hours discussing the evils of UPS.


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It appears that some management posters are on a "kill the messenger" campaign.
Hope you have lots of bullets.

I would use one of the cutesy icons rolling on the floor laughing but I am too stupid to know how.