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    Dear UPSers,

    Several changes will be taking place with the PAS and EDD systems. Effective 10/01/06 PAS will become POS (Piece of :censored2:) and EDD will be renamed RetardEDD. However at this time we have no plans on actually fixing either system. We also will be unable to reduce your 10hr dispatch.

    Due to the Bird Flu scare this year your Christmas turkeys will be replaced with Fruit Cake (Valued @ $5). Don’t forget we will be taxing your regular paycheck for the value of the fruit cake. This is to conform with an IRS regulation.

    Lastly, all Peak Helpers this year will be 100yrs old to help us kick off our 100th birthday. Should you know of anyone who is actually 100yrs old please contact your supervisor or HR department. We know, this will help you with those long days and let you spend more time with your loved one during this holiday season.

    All of this is a direct result of your Positive Feedback, during this year’s ERI Survey. Remember, your opinion counts.
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    Dang if they are spending 5 dollars on a fruitcake, that will double the cost, from the crow...oops turkey we get.
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    Its a nice tradition ,I like my turkey
    PAS EDD can only do so much in a day...
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    do we actually get taxed for that midget turkey we get?
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    I like the I think it's Chinese tradition where they get a gold coin. But of course, to me I would like something like that, that you can keep, just think...keep thirty of can retire!
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    I am told that your safe driving awards etc are applied to your gross pay:w00t: