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Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by upscorpis, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. upscorpis

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    Does anyone know about the Enterprise Technology Hub (ETH). It's CRA's attempt to see how some Web 2.0 ideas might work out for us. Blogs, wikis, communities, etc. It's a little light on content right now due to lack of participation. I'm curious to know why the participation level is so low. So, what say you fellow ISers? Can you access it? Do you have time to participate? Do you care to add content? Are you worried about expressing your opinion?

    I have no connection to the ETH other than that I've contributed.
  2. Sorry ETH

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    I found it, by accident. It isn't known in our circles, at least. Nothing advertised - no road show!

    Time to contribute? Sure, if its on my own time. Trying to stay afloat with the ever burgeoning workload is priority number one, trying to hold it all together with duct tape and silly string and fly under the radar is number two. All I get to hear about is how different teams are working every weekend and how getting on a conference call in the middle of your own birthday dinner is part of the job. So I guess priority number 3 is staying married and having kids that don't hate me!

    Sorry ETH!
  3. Deeohem

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    Isn't ETH behind a login?
  4. freeloader

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    Forget that -- UPS has an R&D department???
  5. ImpactedTSG

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    Web Apps = the end of local TSG. No need for 45K per year hard drive swappers at that point.
  6. Anon20082

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    No doubt EA/CRA will want to do all this with Microsoft lock-in technology junk like that unscalable monstrosity small business solution Sharepoint and then as usual, cluelessly wonder why it costs so much when nearly all of this could be done easily, cheaper, and even MORE scalable with open source.

    I got news for CRA. Many of us have been doing this stuff in the company without them for many years and long before they even had heard of what a Wiki or Blog even was etc.
  7. rups

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    I came across it accidentally when I was looking for IS Standards information.

    Maybe if senior management gave it a vote of confidence and a strong thumbs up, Anon20082 and friends wouldn't need consider open source alternatives and would use ETH.
  8. whiskeyagogo

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    I looked at the site today and thought "wow. Wikis. Blogs". How is it that these departments have time to let people do this?

    I'm an IS programmer analyst and in my group, like most, they haven't replaced anyone who has left for a few years now. We have less equipment, fewer people and no training to complete more work than ever. A 50 hour week is a quiet week, I've probably done 5 60+ Hour weeks already in 2008. When am I going to do 'wikis'?

    I did learn something though - to watch the job opps. If a job opens in a department where one of your regular wiki posters is, I'm totally applying. Imagine, a job where you have time to discuss IT advancements & nuances. Sounds like a real cushy job to me.
  9. wwbd

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    I think you are all missing the point here. This is a tool for people to share ideas and knowledge. There are code modules and concepts that can be retrieved from the ETH. It is not a blogging site similar to myspace in which we can all gather round and talk about 'under water basket weaving' etc. I think that you will find many of the posts to be before/after normal hours - not taking the place of people's job responsibilities. Just my 2 cents:bloodshot:
  10. whiskeyagogo

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    Well, you have answered the initial poster's question. I've got a life outside of my 50 hour weeks. Frankly, I would rather spend it with my family, working around the house or getting some exercise that reading people's blogs.

    My two cents - people who are knowledgeable enough to contribute are too busy.