Ever Catch Someone Trying to Steal From UPS?

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    I had a camera that I dr'ed on a front porch, not visible from the street, about 40 yards from the road. A few days later I got a follow up. The people were saying they had not received their package. I KNEW they had. It was about a $600.00 camera. My supe and several others tried for days to resolve the situation. No luck. One evening after work, still in my browns, I went to this house. I talked to the lady and she insisted they did not have the camera. In my best poor me mode I told her I guess I was going to have to come up with $600.00. She said, "You have to pay for it?" I told her I probably would. The next AM my center manager told me the lady had called and they had found their camera. I was mad and glad at the same time.

    Other times when I knew the consignee had received their pkg, I would end the conversation by saying, "Well, I am not sure what happens next, but the FBI investigates thefts of interstate shipments so you may be hearing from them." Amazing how many of those pkgs showed up.
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    Usually with something that expensive we let them know we will be contacting the authorities and soon after it magically appears.
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    She would be signing for every package from now on. Even basics.
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    I do the same thing.
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    We have many houses like that. Thieves.
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    We get in trouble for having anyone sign for a basic. Those to me are slingers. The ones I know got their stuff and said they didnt have to be home and sign. its amazing how I always pick the time to go there when they are just not at home. if I can see who its from I do not dr anymore in certain places, I would rather inconvenience them, than haggle over a good or not dr.
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    If the stop is designated "no DR", you would have to override to deliver any package, even Basics.

    I have used the "we will contact the local authorities" in the past--it's amazing how well it works.
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    SDN shipper
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    When we have a consignee claim they didn't get a package that turns out to be a little pricy, they are told that they have to file a police report. That cuts down on a lot of false claims.
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    We have houses that we don't deliver or pick up from. If they have a delivery they have to go to the building to pick it up. We don't even stop at the address to leave a info notice...
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    Just how I've alway done it. Never had anyone say anything. Plus u get a little more allowance for a SDN. Lol

    Anyone know what relnum actually does?
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    I failed a dr Audit because of a basic before. It wasn't out of sight. I was told it doesn't matter. Even at my apt complexes, I do "left ats" at the office.
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    In the days before Driver Release, everything had to be signed for. Some shippers used Release Numbers, which let us leave the package at a residential stop. The release number was something like the last three numbers of the shipper number backwards. If the shipper number was 123456, then the release number was 654, if I remember correctly. The Release Number option in the DIAD does the same, you can DR the package anywhere, its not worth making a second attempt.
  16. Brownslave688

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    Ok I always wondered what it was there for.

    With all the technology we have and stuff it makes no sense to me that it can't recognize shipper release and take the no DR option out for that package.

    Same with emergency conditions. Why in the world do we have to enter each package separately. It should be just like closed holiday.

    If someone knows of any circumstance that u would EC one package but not another I'm all ears. I actually know of a situation that u may not use closed holiday on all packages.
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    Ahhh, the software upgrade we've all been looking for...

    In the snowstorm last month (they called it Nemo???), we were called back to the building at 13:30.

    I spent 35 minutes sheeting the remaining 150+ stops as EC...

    There should be a global command...sheet all remaining stops EC. Shouldn't matter business vs. resi.

    Corporate, are you listening?

    (sorry Corporate, you're busy with the contract, etc...)
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    only stealing time
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    Define please.
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    Every time someone claims that their pkg is missing, but ETT shows delv , I suggest they go look in their neighbor's trash bins for an empty box.