Everett, MA fire

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    I'm not sure if this made the national news, but up here in Everett, MA (a small city a couple of miles north of Boston) a truck carrying tons of fuel flipped over on a major communter intersection. A huge explosions followed destroying 3 houses and 24 cars. Miraculously nobody was killed.

    According to a story in the Boston Herald today Chad Lafrance worked at the UPS Chelmsford, MA facility in the mid 90's.
    LaFrance on Jan. 16, 1997, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Boston to obstructing mail delivery and received six months probation for sending a bomb hoax from Methuen to a UPS facility in Chelmsford he had worked at from 1995 to 1996. A box containing sneakers and the note he’d written on cardboard in red felt pen ultimately wound up at a UPS facility in West Valley City, Utah. LaFrance told investigators he thought his former co-workers in Chelmsford “would get a laugh out of what he had written,” according to an FBI affidavit.

    “A joke,” is how Chad LaFrance, 30, of Dover, N.H., dismissed a shoe-bomb hoax he shipped to his former employer, UPS, in 1996 that warned, “Tick, tick, tick. The time is running out. UPS sucks. Danger, explosive illegal bombs enclosed. Watch handling,” according to federal court documents obtained by the Herald.

    Another one driven to madness by big brown, lol:happy2:
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    Was Chad Lafrance the truck driver?
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    I read that in the herald today, What a crazy thing.. the paper called ups and they wouldn't tell them why he left the company(ups)...
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    Typical. UPS is bound by privacy laws and other regulations governing such records. I don't think I'd want to be a corporate attorney trying to defend UPS against releasing information it shouldn't have! -Rocky
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    According to my paper and WVEI radio, he cooked 40 cars.
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    Yes Scratch, he was the driver.
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    I vaguely remember when he got nailed for the bomb. It was so long ago. Did he flip his truck in a rotary? It was a miracle that nobody was killed.
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    that fireball was seen from the Mass Pike several miles away.
    Also many cars that were only damaged, not destroyed, yet towed away are being kept as evidence .
    Both houses have been razed.
    Funny the house between the 2 razed ones is still standing......because no one parked any cars in front of it that night ( the 9400 gallons of flaming gas made the parked cars into exploding bombs spreading the flames onto the houses. )
    As for the driver he claims ice on the road caused it, not speed as an eyewitness has claimed.