Everything was going great, then I Got Injured.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by new2ups, Sep 8, 2006.

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    Hello everybody.

    I just wanted to give all of you that helped me out an update. It has been eight weeks for me as a preloader. I haven't been late or missed any days. My production numbers were great and I'm averaging less then one misload a week. things could not have been better, till.....

    Here is what happened. My conv. belt got log jammed. So, I had the pick off stop the belt. I was crouch walking down the belt where the jam was, I was wearing a baseball hat. Over the belt there is two steel beams about four feet high over the conv. belt. I ducked the first beam, only because of the hat could not see the second beam and stood up with forward motion into the second one. I got knocked on my but. I shook it off then put my hat back on and started to go back to work. One of my co-workers asked me to help him, when the river of blood started running down my face. (you should of seen the look on this guys face)One second I looked normal the next I was covered with blood. Then it sunk in on how hurt I really was.

    The result of all this was nine stiches to the top of my head, and a huge lump with acompaying headache.

    I am really pissed at myself, I don't want to be thought of as the injury guy or accident prone. In retrospect I should not have gone up there to break the jam. Although, I wouldn't have in the first place if I could have found some help. Next time this happens I will not go up there.

    It only gets worse! All of this happens only to find out that I was chosen as Employee of the month. Just my luck.:bored:

    I have learned something out of all this. First, I'm not wearing any more hats to work ever. Second, its better to take your time when you are around all that steel then to get hurt.

    I do have some questions for all of you.

    What should I do? What is going to happen on Monday? What are my supervisors going to think about me now? How do I recover from this huge embarassment?

    Thanks for any advice.

    P.S. I don't use drugs, so im not afraid to pee.
  2. Just go back a keep doing a good job, and as it sounds like already you've learned from the mistake. Can probably expect the sup. to do some more HABITS observations and maybe even have you watch the video again. If you're are doing that good of a job otherwise, they will probably just be annoyed by the extra paperwork they will be required to complete. Don't worry your continued reliability and good work ethic will or should out shine your accident. Accidents do happen unfortunately, had some what of a similar event happen. Was double shifting back in the day loading trailers, went to break a jam caught leg on the chute (in a drop frame trailer on top of the flaps) it was sore thought I just bruised it. They then sent me to reload another trailer, then after awhile they called break went to go use the facilities, as I was walking step squish, step squish, looked down to see my one once white shoe completely red. Luckily knew one of the sups. was a EMT had him attend to it before being taken to the hospital for stitches. The ER had trouble stitching it up because was right on the shin. Ouch, can only imagine how much yours hurt. After getting stitched up ask when I could return to work, they said whenever, so went back and finished my normal shift on the pre-load.
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    You shouldn't go around caring what others think your entire life. I wouldn't worry about it. What's the worst that can happen?
    You can't change anything now. Don't spend your energy worrying about something that you can't change. Just hold your head up and learn from your mistakes.
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    Ouch, getting cut near the bone hurts.
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    First off, you are lucky that you were not seriously injured. The most important thing to remember is that accidents happen, I doubt you will get a bad rep for getting hurt (unless of course it happens consistently). Just a few months ago I was working the primary unload at the fedex hub in phx, and as i was unloading, a giant leaf spring irreg came from the top of the wall and caught me right in the back of the head. I was out of it for like 20 seconds, then the blood started coming down my neck. Just constantly watch your ass, thats all I can say.
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    thanks, CTOTH

    BTW, that picture is hillarious.
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    Hey, it was just your head. If it was your back or knee, that could have been real trouble.
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    Keep you eyes open thier big dog. Hope its healing well.
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    Thanks, I still got a 2" lump but the headaches gone.
  10. Dear Injured

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    Make sure you tell your sup and have them call in a injury report. Do not,I repeat do not let them talk you out of filing a report on this injury it can come back to haunt you later.
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    His first post mentioned he got 8 stitches...Unless he put them in himself or by a coworker, that would have happened.... (a injury report call).
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    Hey trick look here a ups employee that actually took responsibility for his own actions. Amazing is it not?
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    It happens man. You got hurt because you tried to fix something, so I doubt anyone cares. It's apart of the game
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    Hey Tie,

    Sorta like management who has all the control but none of the responsibility.

    I learned how to pass the buck from watching management. Yes, some of the chimpanzee's are quite observant and capable of "monkey see, monkey do".

    Wherever you've been, I'm glad you're back............I kinda missed ya.