Exclusive: Stark Admission of Who Created Al Qaeda

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Would this also mean the US Gov't really was the root cause of the 911 attacks?
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    DOes this surprise you WK??


    This is Reagan with the founders of the TALIBAN in the White House. Of course we created al qaeda and the taliban. They didnt come out of no where. With the help of republican joe wilsons secret funding, the taliban became a terrorist group during the reagan administration.

    NOBODY to blame but ourselves for 911.

    Its funny how the C9 , the right wing kooks, foxed spews and every ex military calls the taliban terrorists, but REAGAN called them the equals to the FOUNDING FATHERS of America! WHen Joe Biden makes a comment about the Taliban, hes a nut, but REAGAN compares them to the founding fathers and hes a hero?

    what a joke everything that is REAGAN.

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    No surprise with me TOS, I'm just throwing bombs as all anarchists do. In fact, wanna see how it works?

    Yep, Reagan put his spin on it but in truth his personal touch was more Central America but that said, Reagan didn't start the creation of the radical elements but in fact inherited it. From who did he inherit it from? Why the real war party of the 20th century and the first so-called Peace President.

    From Global Research: The Noble War Prize

    So you see TOS, the real culprit and root cause of Al Qaeda and the radical jihadist blowback against America was Jimmy Carter and a democrat controlled congress. Thanks for the memories!


    And one other thing and pay very close attention because you will learn this the hard way one day.

    We Are Legion
    We Don't Forgive
    We Don't Forget
    Expect Us
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    When the Russians were fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, we (the USA) were supporting the Taliban with weapons and money. We also helped support Saddam Hussein. Ronald Reagan, working with the enemy...delicious.
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    Don't forget how Eisenhower at the request of the British and MI6 had the CIA in 1953' create a coup in Iran to remove the democratically elected Mossadeq because his leadership was effecting British Petroleum profits. In that coup lay the very roots of the radical islamic revolution that came to the surface in 1979' to overthrow the US puppet in the Shah.

    Let's see, the US gov't was the root cause of Saddam Hussein (google Hussein CIA asset and follow the trail) radical islam in Iran, radical terrorism out of Afghanistan/Pakistan, numerous conflicts in Central/South America and yet we question Ron Paul's call to reel in the global american footprint and mischief making? Who's the real looney here?

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    This was my first thought when I saw this thread along with supplying the Mujaheddin with technology and knowledge. And you can take it further back to the ill-advised creation of the modern Middle East countries in the Ottoman Empire breakup and, in particular, the Balfour Declaration.
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    Absolutely. The current mess in the Middle East is as much caused by forced geographic boundaries benefiting the European colonial powers as is anything else.
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    And while we are at it, let's go ahead and kick off the other shoe!

    From the BBC documentary film, The Power of Nightmares

    Wake up people, Al Qaeda is a pure fiction!
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    And if lies, deception and illusions worked once..........

    From the BBC documentary, The Century of the Self
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    Some of this is news to me, thanks.
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    Your welcome. Happy New Year!