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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by moreluck, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. moreluck

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    I saw the ad for the next Extreme Makeover program and it is featuring a UPS guy. It's the guy who has the disabled son in a marching band and he pushes his son in the wheelchair when the band plays at the football games.

    There was a film of him on the Browncafe somewhere. Anyway, you might want to tune in for that. Check your local listings.
  2. toonertoo

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    I never watch that show, but did las t week. For a marine who came home with a leg shot off and a wife that left him with four kids, on the anniversary of his injury to the day. What a &^%((($%%#&##@ she must have been. Although I guess it was better for him to learn she was trash then than later. she was overwhelmed, Duh.
    Anyway, I cried for two hours, but it was such a good show. Ill have to watch, everybody needs a good cry now and then:surprised:Even the guys.
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    Moreluck, You posted it here last November:

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    All I can say is WOW!!! This one video clip made my switching to broadband worthwhile. What an amazing testimonial to what people can do when they don't allow themselves to feel sorry for themselves.
  5. moreluck

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    OK, my TV schedule shows Extreme Makeover on Sunday evening at 8PM. on ABC.......check yours.
  6. PassYouBy

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    All I can say is WHAT A DAD!!! I see things like this and it helps me put MY life in perspective.
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    A home on my route just got picked to be "made over". It's right across the street from my last pickup, so I've watched a little of it so far (2nd day).
    All I can say is the amount of security is unbelievable. In a small town of 1200 people they blocked off, and will continue to have blocked off, 4 square blocks with armed security 24 hours a day.
    A normal house takes about 100 days to complete- they will demolish the old house and build a new 2800 square foot 2 story in 110 hours.
    It should be fun to watch.

    As a brush with greatness, Ty Pennington walked right by me as I was standing by the side of the road- seems like just a normal guy.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Wow! Such an inspirational story and beautifully told. Amazing talent at such a young age makes you think there are no boundaries even for those less fortunate. The love between a Dad and his son should never be underestimated.

    Its great to read a story about love and triumph instead of failure and despair. Yeah,..E.M....It does make you shed a tear or two.
  9. Mike23

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    Good story, awesome dad, great kid.
  10. Dustyroads

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    I hate to take the glow off of the Extreme Makeover's good feeling, however, there is another side to the story. Specifically, the case of the ex-Marine, here's what happens: they fly the family out to California for a vacation, and they bulldoze their house, and then in about a week, they build a new house, worth, let's say, $250,000. The family comes home, they take the blindfolds off, and here's the new house.

    The part that isn't so good, is that the winnings from this show, namely, the vacation to California, and the new house, are taxable as regular income. The show issues a 1099 for the quarter of a million dollar plus figure, but tells the people that it's just a short term lease of less than 90 days, of which the improvements MIGHT not be taxable. The Internal Revenue Service, however, has ruled otherwise, indicating that the proceeds from the show are no different that winning Jeopardy or the Price is Right. By virtue of the fact that their family was chosen to be featured, they won the new house. In the case mentioned, there was a fundraiser to help pay the tax liability, which was over $100,000. If the money hadn't been raised, the IRS would have seized the assets of the family, as they had no regular income. Likewise, in some cases the families have had difficulty, because of their particular circumstances, in paying the increased property taxes and utilities on the new super-houses.

    It's a nice warm and fuzzy idea, but what happens after the camera trucks pull out isn't quite as pleasant.
  11. hurricanegunner

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    Holy Cow! My own problems seem to disappear when I watch this. What an inspirational story.
  12. that is a great story it would be nice if ups would help them outsome and support a upser and his family