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    Hello everyone. My name is Mark and I have recently applied for package handler for the morning shift that starts 3:30AM. This Monday morning, around 8:00AM I have been scheduled for a tour of the UPS Facility HUB in Austin Texas. I am a bit nervous because I always wanted to work for UPS or FedEx and now is my chance. Enough rambling, I'm curious as what do I need to know before hand? Do I need to dress up in formal clothing and bring a notebook for notes? How long will the tour be, and is it a dog and pony show or will they actually be touring the "dirty work"? And is there a interview or is there just a tour? What kind of questions do they ask if there is an interview? Do you know if they allow iPhones in the facility? Sorry for so many questions, I am a bit nervous! This is my first job! I want to be a delivery man one day lol.

    Thanks for your help in advance. I will read every reply and let you guys and girls know how it goes. - Mark
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