Family blames UPS for relative's death

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    Family blames UPS for relative's death - S.E. Texas Record

    A family is suing a number of UPS entities, alleging their negligence caused a vehicle crash that killed a relative.

    According to the complaint, on June 17, James Kaiser was a passenger in a vehicle owned and/or operated by Mike Smith Autoplex-German Imports and was traveling southbound on Cardinal Drive in Jefferson County. The suit says he was involved in a crash a UPS Cargo vehicle, operated by Paul Mouton, an employee of UPS, a crash that caused Kaiser's death.

    The plaintiffs allege the defendants failed to properly operate their vehicles in a safe and reasonable manner and failed to obey traffic rules and regulations.
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    Heather Kaiser, as next friend of Samantha Kaiser, a minor, and as representative of the estate of James Kaiser, and Jordan Kaiser filed a lawsuit June 20 in Jefferson County District Court against United Parcel Service, Inc., United Parcel Service, Co., United Parcel Service General Services Co., United Parcel Service Oasis Supply Corp., Paul Mouton and Mike Smith Autoplex-German Imports, Inc., alleging they negligently entrusted their vehicles to careless operators.

    It sounds like they are trying to sue everyone in the hope of getting some kind of settlement.
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    It is common to list all of the potential defendants. It has nothing to do with "getting some kind of settlement" but rather ensures that anyone with any possible degree of liability is included.
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    Upstate, I believe that he said that here:
    I'm not going to say TTKU . That wouldn't be polite.
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    ~You know nothing about my husbands life or his death.we are not looking to sue anyone or everyone.he was my best friend,my.husband of 25 yrs,and the father to our 2 beautiful please keep your value system to yourself.