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  1. thebirdman

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    Anyone ever deliver to any celebrities or famous people?
  2. this kid i know who did sales for ups said he delivered to bob euker (former milwaukee brewer current brewers radio personality) at christmas.

    yes. sales person delivering.
    then he told me how the day the lights went out and we couldnt work he was in the hub moving packages.

    ups doesn't follow the rules why should i?
  3. switchoff

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    I once delivered to Richard Burgi when he was staying in Vancouver filming 'The Sentinel', now most noted for his part in Desperate Housewives. I've delivered to several hockey players on the Canucks team as well. I ran across James Avery (the father of 'Fresh Prince') in a hotel one time.
  4. ikoi62

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    a few...phil rizzuto nice guy,daisy fuentes before she made it big..always got her to sign for her stuff and the neighbors stuff too :). and bill bellamy who is a comedian.
  5. buttfacer

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    I had a "Mike Jackson" come to the customer counter once... He was just some short old white guy though.

    I saw a package for "tina turner" come through the clerking station once...
  6. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    Mike Singletary (hall of fame linkbacker)
  7. teamsterdan

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    i met henry winkler (the fonz)..... his daughter went to college here, living @ one of the private residence halls on campus....took the pkg. up to the room, door was wide open, wife was right there, invited me in, daughter comes into the room wearing a towel, to get the goodies....his wife was very nice, saying that if I wanted to I could wait till he came back so he could sign the board......I declined and ended up running into him outside the bldg. he was glad to see UPS & wanted to thank us for a job well done, shook his hand, went on my way......also delivered to http://www.suzyfavorhamilton.com/........
  8. disneyworld

    disneyworld Active Member

    Ray Bourque(nearly fell on his icy driveway as he stood there and watched) Jim Rice(refused to sign for his pkg,had his wife do it) Don Marcotte(former Boston Bruin) Adam Oates, John Bucyk, Terry O'Reilly
  9. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Met R Lee Emery (tv's MAIL CALL drill sargent) on board the USS Missouri in Hawaii last winter. This was after I retired but it was still fun. He even made my wife take 2 pictures of us to make sure one tured out.
  10. 1080Driver

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    I've got a few here.....the famous porn actress Vanessa Del Rio (lived in Brooklyn when I started at UPS), some NY Rangers--Mike Gartner, Darren Turcotte, Alexi Karpotsev, Alexi Kovalev, Joey Kocur, and former NY Met/NY Yankee Darryl Strawberry..........most of them were very friendly.
  11. wornoutupser

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    I met Dale Earnhart several years ago as he picked up his airplane from a refurbisher I used to deliver. I also met F. Lee Baily there.

    Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is in Gainesville, Fl. Mr. Griffin owns a business here in town and is often seen there.

    Pat Borders ( former MVP World Series) lives on some split delivery work. He is a great guy, down to earth.
  12. personally i delivered a package to Chester W Grobschmidt
    former mayor of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin population 21,000
  13. badpal

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    Used to delivered to john mark carr. Great guy always asking about the kids.
  14. disneyworld

    disneyworld Active Member

    Did he get alot of packages from Victorias Secret?
  15. over9five

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    Walter McCarty (sp???). Ships a lot at my UPS Store. Some kinda sports dude. Tall motherfu......
  16. Chnandler Bong

    Chnandler Bong Active Member

    Matt Hughes, current welterweight Ultimate Fighting Champ. Also, Mike Shannon, former St. Louis Cardinal (baseball) and current Cardinal radio broadcaster.
  17. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I have got a subdivision that has George Bush, Bill Clinton, and John Holmes living in it. Not the actual famous people with those names.:laugh:
  18. deezilfuelonly

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    jose offerman (made millions from red sox as leadoff hitter before Johnny Damon) and the guy who sold Ty Law his fur coat that he wore to the frist Patriots Super Bowl Parade...
  19. downtowner

    downtowner New Member

    Len Dawson, Tom Watson and George Brett.

    Footballs for autographing to Len
    A golf club to Tom
    ? to George (preparation H maybe)
    Sadly none of them answer their door

    Wish I'd had the opportunity to deliver to Buck Oneil!
  20. wannabeups

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    you must be in the kc area?