Fascinating article on the differences between liberals and conservatives

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by LarryBird, Jun 15, 2019.

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    Half-tard, I do not have a sociology degree. Where are you getting this? Yes, sociology was mentioned, yes I said it interested me, but no, I never said I pursued a degree in the field. PLEASE TRY TO KEEP UP.

    and I'm not begging for an education, I'm asking him to explain a comment he made that had absolutely no correlation to the post he was referencing so I could laugh at him. You are so :censored2:ing dense and naive that it's absolutely insane that your doctor and loved ones allow you near the internet unsupervised. The web is a dangerous and unforgiving place for a man of your limited understanding. Be careful.
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    Have you been huffing dust-off?

    It could explain a lot.

    Wah wah wah wah wah wah
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    The thing is, you actually believe this :censored2:.

    Like in your head, you're a smart and well read person, who frustrates others with his superior wit and wisdom.

    That's almost always the case with stupid people - they think they're really smart. They think they're misunderstood because others don't get it and they're operating on some higher level.

    Bro, I'm gonna say this as simply as I can - you are unintelligent and dull. You're about as unevolved as they come, and your backwards views and limited understanding of macro issues is sad, but indicative of the overall decline of our country and it's educational system and news outlets.

    Congrats, you're a poster boy.
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    Every time I see you try to engage and come at me, I think to myself, why? Why would he come at me of all the people here? There's FAR easier targets.

    I'm not the one you want to get into a war of words with, but yet you don't comprehend that, and you end up bitch slapped and battered. Every. Single. Time.

    Go try to argue with @rickyb or someone of that ilk. You're not on my level. I'm the Mike Tyson to your Mitch Green when it comes to verbal fisticuffs.
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    For the future posters in this thread, if there are any, can we please keep the discussion centered on the topic and the article posted or any other relevant to it.

    They can be in agreement with, or a rebuttal of it, but I really don't want this thread to sink down to @newfie level.

    I'd like to debate the merits of the article's findings and what it says about conservatives and liberals. I don't want to have one poster prove over and over that he's retarded. It only takes a single post to confirm this, so the rest of his ramblings are pretty much inconsequential to the thread.

    I can nearly guarantee he didn't even bother to read the article, because A.) reading and comprehending what he's read is not his strong suit, and B.) denial is his modus operandi, so the self-awareness it would take to accept the contents of this article as truth would be soul crushing for him, and that's just not in his wheelhouse.
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    Did you follow up on the links to the referenced studies and surveys? That would have taken more than 5 minutes. Or did you simply accept the conclusions drawn by the author from the reference materials because it reinforces what you plainly stated you already believe.

    I don't put a lot of stock into "studies" and surveys that try to draw conclusions about particilar groups of people because the groups are always arbitrary and defined by a particular person according to their understanding of what characteristics define that group. As such those "studies" are prone to circular logic and self-fulfilling prophecy. The person conducting the study, or the author drawing conclusions from the study, thinks that conservatives are more fearful, so they view any fearful response as being conservative, hence from a conservative person.

    I am an idividualist, and find that grouping individuals together along poorly defined, arbitrary lines utterly meaningless and self-defeating. Granted, I fall into the trap of referring to groups of people as a means of streamlining communication, but I know traits that are attributed to groups are meaningless on the individual level.

    The section about brain differences was lacking in both detail and any hint that the author understands brain function. The amygdala is reaponsible for quite a bit more than simply processing and experiencing fear. This quote "This aligns with the idea that feeling afraid makes people lean more to the right" perfectly demostrates the use of circular logic in the author's approach. They ignore all the other processes involved in active amygdalas and zero in on the one point that meets their own standards for what supports their argument.

    I'm sure I could spend a lot more time reviewing the references, and pointing out flaws in either the source material, or the author's understanding and presentation of it, but I'm done with that for now.

    One last thing:

    Retard is a hateful word, not very liberal of you. Did you know that there was a study that proved that liberals are just as intolerant as they claim conservatives to be?
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    I haven't read it, I will if I choose to, I do understand the left starts with a premise and then proceeds to color within the lines of the premise.
    Do you really want one of intelligence read and reply?
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    We are not a democracy Mr. Smart Guy. Where did you attain your lofty education?
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    I've been reading about this all day, so yes I've followed up on just about everything available on the web.

    If what you got from the article was that it was biased against conservatives, that's what you were looking to get out of it - the article neither lauded liberals or condemned conservatives. It merely pointed out some correlations between personality traits and people's thought processes and their subsequent political leanings.

    Why do conservatives interpret everything they read that's even a tad critical of them as negative or slanted by the liberal media? I find this to be incredibly narcissistic, and overly sensitive, but I digress.

    You are correct in your assessment that the article fails to go into too much depth on the brain and it's functions, but I find that to be a positive thing on a site like this - try to post an academic journal here and see how that goes...watch the people's eyes glaze over and the conversation fail to launch as they refuse to read it instantly. It's meant to give the people here a cursory understanding of the material and some insight into themselves and how/why they may lean in a particular direction politically. If they're interested, and they'd like to know more, the information is available. I found quite a bit on this topic today as I ventured down the rabbit hole.

    If you'd like to have a deeper conversation on this matter, I'd very much enjoy that, and I invite you to post some material for us to discuss. If I haven't already read it today, I'll take a look tomorrow morning and we can debate some of the finer points.
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    You obviously haven't read it, or you'd understand that your comment is off base. The article is not slanted liberal and it's not slanted conservative. It's information about both liberals and conservatives and why they are how they are and why they lean either way politically.

    Your comment suggests you're not an open minded person though. It suggests you go into things with preconceived notions before you've even begun to try to understand a topic, which by the way, is a very common thing for conservatives, who are noted for their rigidity and preset of defined thoughts they tend to cling to, even when presented with scientific evidence to the contrary - I didn't make this up, it's been studied. (I know, I know, it's the liberal academics :censored2:ting all over conservatives again)

    I've now mentioned several times, that I'd like this to be an on topic discussion with people who've read the articles or even post some articles with contrary findings. I realize I'm not on a website rich with college graduates and/or voracious readers, but this should be easy enough - read the article or another like it, which you share here, and we can discuss them, or don't participate in the thread. Not difficult.
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    Are you trying to get into semantics with me, dawg?

    You're not gonna pull the 'the united states is a republic, not a democracy' :censored2: in here, are you?

    Because if that was your argument, just move along. We live in a democratic country. Period.
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    For the record, I read it, I think it's pap, self serving pap from a lib. I'd be welcome to interact with you sentence by sentence.... that defines me as a conservative, logical, introspective and thoughtful with a defining guidance of truth.
    You got that? I'm cocky and abrasive as well, don't put that on all conservatives, might come from my skin color..... worked you into a predicament, a cocky abrasive dark person.
    To be the politically correct liberal you must walk gently, I may call you on racism before you call me a TOM.
    You got that, are you even smart enough to figure out what I just did?
    @MAKAVELI can help you understand, he's a darker guy as well.
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    Actually, I'm not dawg, you don't know me well enough to call me that.
    That said, the Constitution is not semantics. If the United States was a democracy there would be absolutely no reason for a house or senate to represent the wishes of the several states citizens. You do understand I am a citizen of the state I choose to reside in first, the states formed the federal government, the federal government did not form the states.
    I can give concrete proof we are not a democracy, not from documents but from concrete acts within the past ten years.
    You'll prove yourself the uneducated rube you are if you take this up with me, even after all your big talk today. I welcome you to bring it, you must know I'm moderated, most things don't make it through. I can't be as "mean" as you. Bring you best junior.
    I'm not newfie, I'm not Vantexan
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    And there it is.

    Every damn political discussion comes down to a ridiculous 4th grade school yard brawl about zingers and ass kicking. “My side” against “your side”.

    It used to be entertaining. Just sad now.
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    You want to be part in a discussion on an article you haven’t read?

    And you want to be taken seriously?

  17. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Ah. So you have read it.

    So now you’re a cranky old Tom with sand in his Vaja-jay who thinks it’s all bad ass to be cocky and abrasive.

    It’s possible that your cocky and abrasive comes off as stupid and annoying.

    Happy Fathers Day
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    Hang in there mushroom head
  19. newfie

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    You have a computer in kinder garden?
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    of course you picked my post to make your sanctimonious post . your bias is biased