Fast Forward, Nov. 06', Nov. 08'....

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    And the democrats now control both houses of Congress and the White House again. I'm not projecting which individual persons hold which positions other than the larger party itself now holds total power again.

    I just read this op-ed piece The Real Foley Scandal is Much Bigger than Foley but it got me to thinking about the above "what if" scenario. Would the democrats once in power rollback many of the draconian gov't measures they've been so vocal against or once they control these measures, will they sit quietly by hoping no one will raise the clarion call to revoke such executive priviledges? Will they stand up with forceful principle and revoke the measures of Empire and the very empirical nature our gov't has asserted or will they only pick up the ball themselves and show a horse of another color?

    The other side of this coin will be the republicans who having had their "come to Jesus" experience on their own "road to Damascus", will they now become the so called "loyal opposition" if the democrats maintain the measures of Bush that they are currently "so hard" opposing and are calling evil?

    I guess what I'm asking, will we see the true 2-faced nature of gov't and gov't power and begin to realize we're being played the fools and that the gov't Shakesperean play we see daily is nothing more than a WWF wrestling match with all it's pretended drama invoked as a means of entertainment and subterfuge all the while they both intend our destruction just to meet their own goals and desires of invoking their own personal public policy into our lives as they've deemed themselves of higher order than we in the human gene pool!

    You know, now that I think about it, I do hope the democrats win big in next month's Congressional election and then sweep the White House in 08'. I'm so certain of what I think the outcome of their actions will be I'll complete support that effort to the max. It's time this country got a good slap in the face to maybe, just maybe, wake a few more souls up out of their sleep!

    All Empires have so-called "loyal opposition" but they still never depart from the Empirical pathways and no empire has ever lasted!
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    All is possible. There is no right versus wrong. there is no fight for principle. Only politics.