Federal Farm Subsidy Payments

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    Hi Mac, here in Virginia we had the big tabacco buy out. Wow, I eat lunch with alot of these farmers. Lets just say farming isn't what it used to be. Climate controled,Gps,heated leather seats,great sound systems etc,etc tractors. Tough line of work. LOL. Farmers buy insurance for crop or livestock failures so to speak. Farming is a business. I like the Farm, we had some livestock growing up out in the desert. No joke. Horses and a pony(didn't eat them,LOL), goats(goat milk stinks), pigs(babies are cute),chickens(crapped all over the place) and a mean ass rooster that would hide on the roof and attack you. My brother finally had to shoot him with a 22. Poor thing after he had been shot he ran about 30 yards and dropped dead. Oh, back to the subject, What other business has the same perks or breaks as these farmers. To some degree its just not fair.
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    After further thought. We must protect our food source. Let the farm subsidies roll. Im hungry!!! LOL
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