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    I will probably be offered a fedex driving contract for the holiday season tomorrow. I was offered a UPS drivers helper position for the holidays earlier this week. I will have to decide between the two. I have not yet discussed the pay with fedex, so I'm curious. What are they likely to offer me,if they want me? (or what should I ask for? or is it a set rate?) What hidden expenses are there that I should know about, that are unique to fedex (I'm self-employed in my real life already, so I know about taxes, etc..). Although I liked the "feel" of UPS better, I want the possibility of PT or temp work after the holidays too, and if there is any at UPS it will be low-paying labor. Fedex sounded like they MIGHT have some ongoing driving opportunities that are less than full time. Thanks for any help

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    Regular FedEx drivers earn between $14-$22.00 an hour in my neck of the woods. If you are a handler/courier it's like $12 to start, but again this is only in my area.
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    You have to specify which Fed-Ex branch you were accepted at, Express,Ground, or Freight. They are all different companies under the Fed-Ex name.
    The Ups drivers helper position will end at the end of the year. The hours will be few in the beginning 15 hours or so, to about 25 to 30 around Christmas. Come Jan. 1 you will have no job with Ups. If you show up every day as a drivers helper you will have good foot in the door to be hired on as a part-time employee for sure. Any full time jobs depends on the hub you work in.
    Fed-Ex is non union so you would probably have a better chance at staying on with them full-time. Ups is union and there are rules about getting a full time position. They can only hire 1 person from the outside for every 6 full time positions.
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    Thanks for the reply

    I just walked into a Fedex office/hub and asked if they needed drivers. I presume its Ground that would be contracting me, but I dont know. That topic never came up. I got the strong impression I would have the job if my background checked out, though they stopped short of promising it.

    What I really want after the holidays is regular PT(1/2-3/4) work, but I dont want it to be 8.50 an hour for warehouse work. If I could stay on at 11.76/hr (the drivers helper rate) or even 10/hr I would opt for UPS, but that didnt sound likely at all. It seems like chances for FT or PT driving jobs (ie better pay) with UPS would be very slim indeed, unless I worked there for a long time. I imagine there are afew people ahead of me in that line.

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    I am a driver but not for Fedex...I work for a contractor for them...ya ya its bs i agree but i make over 20 an hour. But sucks having no benefits. O well ill be gone in a year or so
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    Do you work/subcontract for a home delivery driver at 20/hr? I have been offered about 150/day for PT driving, which is not that great if I have to pay SE tax and work 12 hour days. I would like to negotiate more if I can, but I need to know what others are getting.