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    A employee from Fedex has a website, maybe more of a blog site because you can not post on it, that tell tales about Fedex employment. Similar to this site. Can be found at You can e-mail the blogger but can't simply post like we can here. Makes Fedex look alot like UPS in the grand scheme of things. Check it out.
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    Does anybody know how old that stuff is? I saw this website back a few years ago.. There doesnt seem to be any dates on the blogs, so I cant tell if any of it is recent.
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    Looks to me like the last item posted on that site was November 1999.

    Pray tell...What does UPS look like in the grand scheme of things and in your mind?????

    UPS, to me, looks like a company that is going that is a leader in the transportation field...a profitable company...a company that is concerned about saving energy...a company that does a whole lot of things right. It may be knocked about by a small percentage of the population on this board and other places, but I tell is a leader in its industry and does a lot of good things for this country and the world.

    Now that I have said all that....I will sign off and go back to my corner...

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    *Just a side note...

    Fedex uses Ups's old technology (as far as older style symbol scanners.....) I laughed when one of the Fedex managers of fedex ground told me their technology surpasses UPS.....
    Unless it's different parts of the country where they implement newer things
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    hey look, its monte starting to shake things up again, now with his own website.
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    whats up bro?
    I dont have my own website. I havent had time. spent alot of hours on the boat this summer, and 3 weeks in Italy. I have been trying to follow along though when i can.

    hows everything going? Have you noticed that fedex hit the 30 billion mark in revenues last quarter?
    back in "97" is was around 11 billion, not to shabby in less than a 10 year period. How long before fedex passes UPS??
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    its true bud. UPS is hoping to roll your equipment out in 2008. there having a hard time getting WiFi and bluetooth to work together. Fedex has been using it for over a year in most states. Ive been using it for a few months. I posted the article a while back but can find it for you if you like.
  9. Hey you ever think the reason why FedEx uses old technology is because it works? I mean why change if the old way works just fine? Seriously, that would be like fixing something that wasn't broken. Plus I have a lot of fun working at FeEx, our manager is very nice and understanding. If i were to be late they would say that's ok we understand..but at UPS you would be fired. Once I got in a car accident and couldn't go to work and they were totally ok with it and even other times I just accidently slept in and yet i still have a job because they understand! So when it comes to bashing FedEx just think, I can have an emergency and be late to work and yet keep my job, also they are kindly letting me off the day after Christmas, I would like to see UPS do that!
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    UPS is not FedEX-------and Fed Ex will never be UPS, no matter how hard they try!!

    Monte---it's great that FE went from 11 Billion $$ to over 30 Billion----think it is maybe because of all of the acquisitions--like Caliber ???? You can call it FE Ground, but it is still RPS people wearing FE clothes--NO THEY ARE NOT EMPLOYEES
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    Fed Ex will never be UPS, no matter how hard they want to be-------Monte---yes, FE went from $11 Billion in 1997 to $30 billion -----could it be the large acquisitions that they made--Caliber--Kinkos???? You can dress up RPS employees in FedEx uniforms and call them FED EX--take credit for their huge revenues---but you can't call them EMPLOYEES...............they are Sub-Par Contractors!!!

    So , Monte----care to place a wager as to whether UPS or Fed Ex will crack the $50 billion revenue mark first----keep in mind that UPS has cash reserves of $5 billion!!

    Competition is healthy---makes everyone better!!
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    What's the point in sticking with old technology when new and more efficient technology is available. Your logic doesn't make sense,

    As for the "UPS will fire you for being late." L-O-****ing-L. In my two years experience with this company, I've never once seen an employee terminated for attendance issues. Even employees who call in for the whole week, and show up late every single day. I don't know where you're getting your intel, but its not credible. Ah, the glory of being unionized.
  13. I have knowledge of both sides of the fence. Our terminal manager came from UPS, one of the ground service managers were recruited from UPS, several package handlers have come from UPS and my husbands ex-wife is a driver from UPS. I myself am a manager for HD, choosing FEDEX over UPS because of the ex-wife issue at first, am very happy of my decision.

    Aside from the contractors/drivers, FEDEX is far supperior in employee relations. Yeah, FEDEX doesn't have the "union" but that is a major pain in the rear. The major difference is that UPS offers assurance that no matter how crappy of an employee you are, you will still have a job for a while longer until the managers can provide enough documentation to get rid of your sorry A**. There are other benifits, as well, that UPS offers over FEDEX but FE is making strides in offering comparable wages, which we exceed, and medical/dental.

    Yes, the contractors/drivers aren't as good looking as the UPS drivers and the UPS drivers make a lot of money per hour, but the contractors make a heck of a lot more money than UPS the tune of about 7K a month for one route. The FEDEX drivers aren't worked like dogs either.

    It's all about what your preference is, you obviously have a grievence over FEDEX, probable fired, and this is how you are "getting back" at them. Bottom line, who the :censored2: cares anyway, but us employees of either. People want their packages delivered, for a minimal charge and don't care who is using the BEST technology to get their packages from point A to point B. At least for our neck of the woods, FEDEX is far better than UPS...the employees coming to us from UPS are proof of that.

    Every city in every state is going to be different. It's like comparing Burger King to McDonalds. You will have people say one is better than the other, but when it all comes down to it, it's only a matter of opinion.
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    Good post ,mostly I agree
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    I don't really agree with this statement that contractors make more then ups drivers. those contractors have to pay fuel, insurance, registration, tires, maintenance, upgrade equipment, and a bunch of other expenses out of that $7000. If you deduct those expenses from that $7000 the numbers really drop significantly. Those contractors don't have a company paid pension, insurance benefits. If you start comparing net figures, then you will see there is a big difference. That is why all these lawsuits agianst fedex from the contractors is taking place to begin with.
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    Interesting, but not exactly up to date. Rather than being a good source of FedEx info, it's more like this guy's personal rant against FedEx. What he says is essentially true, but what it's all leading to is up in the air. FedEx DOES strongly intimidate it's employees, and many are so afraid to assert their rights to representation that it will take a long time before the Teamsters get a strong foothold. Too bad the webmaster comes-off as semi-delusional.
    I really hope that UPSers step-up and start educating FedEx drivers about the benefits of going union. In my 20+ years of driving for FedEx I have never been approached by a package car driver or feeder driver, nor have I ever seen anyone from the Teamsters at or around a FedEx facility.
    Now that UPS management is seeing that the FedEx "sweetheart" deal that allows Mr Smith to keep us classified under the RLA may be going away, we may see some action. How about it? A Teamsters union WITH FedEx is that much stronger.
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    I too have been on both sides of the fence. I was at RPS while working at UPS. It was before my driving days at UPS started. UPS, in my opinion, is far better. Even though I really like working at RPS.

    I'd rather work for a company that has to put up with a few crappy employees than for one that fires it's good employees for any little reason. A local FedEx Express driver told me that the closer a driver gets to retirment the more FedEx management starts writing them up.

    LOL! I'm a part-time cover driver and after all their expenses I bring home more $$ than the RPS drivers. And yes...they do get worked like dogs. Bulk stop after bulk stop and with a few residentual stops mixex in their. It makes for a pretty rough day. Remember....RPS mainly ships business to business. FedEx Home Delivery takes the rest.

    I'm sure there are a few "neck of the woods" out there that prefer FedEx but luckily UPS's goal is to win over customers on a larger scale and based on profit and volume I'd say UPS is kicking the snot of of FedEx, and their side kicks Ground and Home Delivery, as well as DHL and the USPS.

    I think it's more like comparing Super Wal-Mart to K-Mart. LOL! :)
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    Very true indeed....

    Nor was I ever approached in my 5+ years at that hell-hole.
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    That seemed to be the case at my station.

    May Freddy Smith hang in HELL >>>>> :hang:

  20. I just want to say that I enjoy working at FedEx. I have never worked at UPS before so I can not really compare the two, but I do know that FedEx is the best place I have worked at so far. My manager is nice and understanding, my co-workers are nice, I get paid 12 bucks an hour for an easy 15-hour a week part-time job, I can usually get off when I want to, and best of all FedEx pays my college tuition.