FedEx exit package weighed



I regularly take a look at the FedEx news page on this web site. If you haven't seen it you should take a look.

Early retirement buyouts have been a topic on tis board many times over the years so I thought this article might start some different conversations and give another topic to those of us that don't want to get into the name calling threads. Here are some clippings from the following article:

FedEx exit package weighed

The packets went out last week, and this week the 14,000 FedEx Express employees here and across the country eligible for either early retirement or buyouts are weighing the benefits against whatever the rest of their lives may hold.

FedEx did the math for each employee, calculating pension incentive percentages based on age and final average earnings.

With the numbers, a handful gathered Tuesday in a weekly financial planning session First Tennessee is offering to help FedEx workers sort their options, rethink IRAs and tax planning.


Does anyone remember what the terms of the UPS management buyout were? It happened a little before my time but I am interested in seeing what they offered.


two grand a year with a max of 20 and automatic age of 55 on paper for pension purposes if memory still serves me.