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Hello everyone,

I was a Fedex Ground "contractor" on the west coast for a little over 8 years. I recently left the company because I was tired of always spending my weekends fixing/worrying about the truck, among other reasons. I left on good terms, giving a 30 day notice. How DIFFICULT would it be for me to get on as a UPS driver? I can definately do the work. I usually averaged 120 stops a day 250 pieces/ 20 pickups 150 pieces. I'm still young and fit:happy2:
I just want a JOB where I can work for a future. I get along with all the UPS drivers on my route always joking with them, etc. I know you can go the the upsjob website and I have. I have noticed that they are hiring for package drivers in the area where the UPS drivers I joke with are out of. Do you think I could call that center DIRECTLY and talk to someone explaining to them my experience and determination to be one of their drivers? Or would they just refer me back to the UPSJOBS website? I have a way with words and if I could just TALK to them I think they would like me:happy2: Realistically though, do you think they would not like me right off the bat because I was former competition? And also you have to be a package handler at UPS for awhile...which I can't live on that income. Do I have a fighting chance? I want to be a brownie, damnit! Thanks in advance for your responses!

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Sounds like a perfect candidate for an off the street hire. The hard part is finding a location that is hiring one. You actually have a better chance at hitting the lottery. LOL!


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But if there is a listing on the UPSJOBS website for a package delivery driver then they are ADVERTISING TO an OUTSIDE candidate, right? Do you think I could call the center and talk to them there? Would they talk to me?


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They would probably just send you to the website.

Go ahead and fill all that out first, you aren't getting ANYWHERE before you do that. Even if you call and just on what you say, they love you, they are still going to tell you to go home and fill out the website.

It could be a little while before you hear from them.

If you still keep in touch with any of the drivers on your old route, it wouldn't hurt to mention it to them. If any of them are wroth their salt, a few words from them wouldn't hurt you.


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In our center, the last 5 hires were off the street. There are lots of metro areas that are constantly hiring off the street.



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I would ask the UPS drivers what they thought of your chances of getting hired on. Also, if there are jobs available, they could be a good reference for you. Hope you get on. And won't it be nice to have health, dental insurance paid for and no gasoline bills? But...and this is a big takes three years to get to top rate now. Can you live on $14 and change for a couple of years and then $18 and change until you top out in three years? Good luck!


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Yes just talk to the local drivers, maybe ask them to drop your name with the center manager or on-cars just to let them know that you will be applying online.


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.it takes three years to get to top rate now. Can you live on $14 and change for a couple of years and then $18 and change until you top out in three years? Good luck!

With all the OT, $14/hr and the excessive hours you'll be near 50k your first year don't worry
about the progression.


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i applied for a driving job in maine, and was called in but it wasn't for a driving job. You pretty much need to start working part time like everyone else, which sucks but ever ups driver had to do it young and old.
Another problem i had when i starting driving was moving from two jobs (parttime ups and fulltime brinks guard.)to only being a ups driver. Since your a new driver you will get laid off alot and make only 9.50 per hour working inside, with $70 union dues still coming out of your paycheck, and $50 a week for catch up fees......i have been laid off since the med. jan and it sucks..... this wouldn't be as bad if i still had 2 jobs.....i am only 24, no house, no kids and can't imagin a person with a morgage and kids to start off as a driver.....yes, its only for the first 2 years but it sucks...


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It is not true that every UPS driver has to start on the inside, although I will admit that doing so gives an appreciation of the entire process. I was hired off the street and, after 11 months, became a FT driver. However, that was back in 1989 in a period of growth, so the same may or may not hold true today, depending on location. I know that it would not in my center. Back then, I believe the ratio for promotion was 3-1; if I am not mistaken, I think it is 6-1 now.


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Some of the senarios listed here are worst case senarios, it all depends on your location, it could take forever to get in, or they could give you a route right off the street. Once your in though, you will notice a huge difference in the delivery expierence. As a Fedex contractor you were able to delivery by the methods you came up with, at UPS you'll have to do it their way. Everthing you do in a days time has a "UPS way" of doing it, it's something you can't explain if you've never experienced it. Just remember to FORGET everything you've done in the past as a delivery driver, if you don't do it their way you'll never make it through the probationary period. Good Luck.


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You can go ahead and chat up yuour UPS friends and see if they can hook you up with someone to talk to about driving and get you in more direct. A few years a go that happened here. Our center manager at the time told us if we knew anyone interested and we could recommend agood candidate to go ahead and sign them up and they would be considered for an off the street hire to drive. We had about 5 guys come in during that short period from off the street. This was about 3-4 years ago. We just couldn't get guys to move "up' from inside. No desire.


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I'm on off-the-street hire. Will hit my two-year mark this month. It's possible. Yes, you have to fill out the online application. After that, your best bet is to ask the UPS drivers in your area to get you the HR number, and give them a call. Let them know what you did, and that you don't want a seasonal driver job. MAKE SURE you stress that. If you've got enough centers in your surrounding area, they should be able to find you a permanent driving position. Good luck!
Because we are unionized it pretty much works from the bottom up and completly based upon senority. However, they do hire off the street on rare occassions so it may benifet you to become really good friends with the center manager.


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He has had five years to become really good friends with the Center Manager, I wonder how that worked out.


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