FedEx Ground! How They Treat Drivers?

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    I think everyone on this forum needs to read this story and realize just how good we really have it.
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    For all its faults, UPS as a company could be a lot worse.

    And in many cases, the UPS that most of us have seen are just a series of UPS managers, many of whom are not really good people in the first place. And what be blame on UPS is really their personal problems being thrust on the workforce.

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    FedEx ground is nothing more than what UPS wishes it could be...and what it actually would be...if there were no collective bargaining agreement. The poor working conditions and pay of FedEx ground drivers are all a direct result of the lack of union representation.
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    After reading that how long will it be before FedEx will no longer get suckers to buy into their BS? To be honest I can't see how they get people to do it now.
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    I am very fortunate that I am a UPS employee! It has allowed me to do the things that I was not able to do with my prior job.($$) Can't imagine working for a company like FEDEX!

    I carry my head high when a wear a UPS uniform.
  8. How about an absolutely brilliant PR Coup. How about Brown offer her a job. :wink2: I'm sure she could use it and if she has that much experience delivering packages seems like a no brainer. Besides, its always nice to share the wealth and put a little egg on the face of Fedex. :happy-very:
    Just a thought from a VERY Happy Freight Guy!!!!
  9. P.S. Brockton, Mass area....hint, hint.:happy-very:
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    There will always be someone to sign on the dotted line. OTR guys know all about CR England and how the screw one person after another. Despite being common knowledge, even warnings from people that post on message boards, people still sign.

    Most people are too willing so see the brightest possible outcome and ignore any possibility for failure.

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    Yeah your probably right but I have to believe that they will someday run out of willing particapants. Or at least people capable of doing the job.
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    I agree totally with this post. What we have is only because of negotiation, period.
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    How can ups wish to be like fdx when ups invited the teamsters in? We must have wished to be a unionized company eh sober?
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    Interesting article. I'll have to look for this book....

    I remember when the Wal-Mart movie came out in 2004, I read a critique published in some newspaper. The writer took the extraordinary step of writing about the crowds and the cars in the lot. These were not poor, 'paycheck-to-paycheck' people coming to see the movie. No, these were middle-class, comfortable people.

    We don't necessarily need these companies that eat people's lives as corporate snacks....-Rocky
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    Good Point.
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    Now which politician did they hire this guy from?

    I 100% agree with soberups -- the union is what makes us strong. The company my father works for isn't union, but they really do care and take care of their employees. It'd be nice if we didn't need a union, but as it stands, UPS's management culture clearly has its motives in the wrong place. At least we have something to go to to right the wrongs they choose to make. The union creates animosity between management and labor but it wouldn't be necessary if UPS cared a little more about its people and realized that if they did their bottom line would probably improve.
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    “Hire the people you trust, people who are passionate about their job, passionate about what they’re doing. Just leave them alone, and they’ll get the job done.” Its nice to think about the above quote applying to ups, but unfortunately that will never happen.
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    I guess it's possible she could do inside work of some sort, but she looked and , from the story, seems pretty frail. In a perfect world we could hire her just to do the right thing, but then we'd have to hire anyone who walked up, and that wouldn't work. What FedEx did was inexcusable.