FedEx Ground Will Advertise Anywhere

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. wkmac

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    If you like Sprint Car Dirt action this is good for the Central Pa. area.

    Check out the fedex ads!
  2. vic

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    The FedEx advertising mission statement
  3. dannyboy

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    Is it maybe they cant afford Nascar?

  4. wkmac

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    Actually I think they can afford NASCAR. Until last year they were the series sponsor for CART. They pulled out because CART was having some problems of their own and I'm sure FedEx just saw a diminished value to their investment. A top NASCAR sponsor is $15mil plus and I'm sure they were paying more than that for the CART deal.

    Yellow Freight sponsors Jamie McMurray's BUSCH ride so if they can be involved I'm sure FedEx has the $$$$ if they so choose. I'm surprised FedEx doesn't have more of a presence in F1 to be honest.
  5. feederdude

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    FDX does have the sponsorship for the BMW Williams team this year. I wish we would get involved with a strong F1 team. Last year they were with the Ferrari team, they won just about everything, and this year they are getting a big boost with Montoya and litte Shoomie. I had a tough time pulling for the red team last year[​IMG], but since there is not a Fedex sticker on Schumacher's car, go Micheal!!!!!!
  6. upslocal480

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    Fed Ex Ground, Express, Etc., must be doing something right. Just look at how much business they have gained, and are still gaining, the past few years. Yes UPS has the big NASCAR deal and some others but Fed Ex has NFL and I see them advertising almost EVERYWHERE which is the smart thing to do.
  7. caddys_83

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    lol Intresting... The other day I was playing a video game on the Playstation 2 called, "The Getaway" And it has some Fed Ex trucks driving around...[​IMG] I think it should had some UPS brown trucks[​IMG]
  8. feederdryver

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    Well remember this, UPS has to give permission to anyone who wants to use their image, logo, name, etc.
    So maybe the software makers didn't get it.

    I think in the long term, FedEx might end up like RPS...lots and lots of debt build-up.