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  1. Portlander

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    I work at the Portland, OR hub for FedEx Ground. I read a lot of what people say, yet I haven't found any bad there. I have been working for a little over a month now, and everything is going great. All the managers are very friendly. Maybe I am just at a good location, or it will soon turn to crap?


  3. AKX

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    When your new everybody sugar coats it
  4. HomeDelivery

    HomeDelivery Well-Known Member

    it's rare to find a good hub, but they are out there!

    i've worked at 3 different hubs (one ground and 2 home delivery) and all had great warehouse workers and management & quite a few fellow drivers as well...

    if the hub you're working at has a good team of managers and lead by example, then you're one of the few that will like the job.

    treat it as getting paid to work out & try to use some of their benefits that aren't available to the drivers (since we're really not FedEx employees)

    from what i'm seeing on this board are just a few disgruntled workers that forsee this company going down the drain. it is what it is.

    use this job as a stepping stone & not a career if you like to have some sort of work life vs. home life balance.

    PS: this is peak season & i got sick on Saturday... so i'm home with a non-paid sick day today:sick:
  5. vantexan

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    I wonder how many of those permanent employees with benefits give them up to be a Ground driver? Can't imagine why a Ground driver would be disgruntled...
  6. bbsam

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    I wonder how many Ground drivers even post here. Seems like mostly Express.
  7. FedExer267

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    I don't know how it is in other terminals but I can tell you in mine, no one who works the load has ever gone to driver. They get in and get out while going to school. Why not 20 to 25 hours a week with benefits, thats a great deal for part time work. I am sure they get benefits for one simple reason, keep the union out. It's kinda funny that the part timers are the only group at FedEX that are treated just like the ones at UPS. The only thing that is diffrent is they cannot file a grievance for getting sent home while management and drivers wrap up the belt.
  8. vantexan

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    That's what I was alluding to. At Express handlers move up to courier work all the time for the better pay, such as it is. Why would a Ground handler give up benefits to drive for a contractor?
  9. BrownBlue

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    I don't think the actual drivers could afford a computer with internet or have time in their 14 hour days to use one. BTW they are always nice when you are doing them a favor and working in a low paying dead end job.
  10. Portlander

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    I'm a package handler, and you have your crappy days, but honestly, I really like it so far. I'd like to move up in the company. If I can, I would like to stay at least 3 years while I go to school. Hopefully I don't get screwed over. So far so good though.
  11. WhatCrass

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    The old manager's line of "use this job as a stepping stone". How about 20% real unemployment and the fact that this job is a necessity for living?
  12. HomeDelivery

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    what are you talking about? i'm no manager, just a lowly driver (see my other threads)

    my job as a driver for this division is a dead-end job & i know that.

    I'm only doing this because the management can be flexible with my availability throughout the year. i.e. full time during peak and summer months only & I can be a saturday driver only with emergency weekday cover/ swing driver if needed.

    I gave sound advice so why don't you add to this thread?