FedEx Limited Release - ISP Transition


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My district is going through the ISP transition in the early part of next year, and we have been presented with this legal document regarding limited release of claims for payment.

Can any contractors who went through this transition and/or signed this document share some insight into it? I am not sure if I am reading it correctly, but does this have to be signed in order to transition over to ISP?

It will be fine

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Yes you need to sign it if you want to be an ISP. I believe it just says you won't sue them for the transition. There's not really any reason to sue for it so I didn't think it was a big deal. I doubt it would be upheld anyway if you wanted to sue. It's another one of those fedex specialties, not legally enforceable but discouraging enough to keep most everyone from challenging it. They paid us to sign it so you might as well.


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Come to think of it. It is in reality an out of court settlement of a law suit that was settled before it had a chance to get to court. Nothing like heading it off at the pass.