fedex trying to charge me for refused delivery

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  1. marue12

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    I sent a gift with a good intent to my former friend, anonymously, for his birthday with name and return address different from my credit card and its associated address. My unappeased former friend, decided to simply refuse the package by returning it and fedex automatically chargebacked my cc.:biting: When i disputed the charge with my CC company, the fedex sent me bill to my mailing address that matched my CC few weeks later. I sent package with no signature required. When I checked the status for first delivery it was simply dropped at front of his door.

    As for reason for using not my real address, I wanted simply to hide my identity until he'd open it hoping he would get a nice surprise. I was not sending anything illegal in the package like alcohol or explosives. Just a couple of movie and video game discs. For return address I used a fake name and real random address which I did not save or memorized so my package went to some random person.

    Now I got bill to take care of. its not a lot, but I think my disgruntled "friend" should get the bill unless he truly no longer lives there. He had the option to throw it in dumpster instead of returning without telling he was gonna do it and get charged for it. When i called 800 to try to find out who returned it, they did not have this information. I can't get to receiver to ask questions, he won't return my calls or sms so Im not bothering to ask him if it was really him. He is no longer my friend. What recourse do I have to this if I have any? Can I have fedex waive this charge or request through fedex that the addressee gets bill ? I sent this package without signature and naively hoped it wouldn't be refused for return. :dissapointed:
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    I believe any packages not delivered (refused, returned, ect) are shipped back to sender at their expense. Good luck with your call to FedEx, it's worth a shot.
  3. STFXG

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    If they delivered it to the correct return address then you will be eating the charge. Since you used a return address other than your correct address then you likely have no recourse.

    FedEx did everything correctly. The package was refused and returned to the sender. You will not get any money back. FedEx will try and retrieve the package, but if they cant recover it they won't refund you anything... Since its your fault. Lesson learned.

    Sorry to heat about your problem. Were the movies porn? Haha
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    STFXG, to clarify, I am simply trying to avoid returned package getting billed at my expense. Its not about inquiring for refund of original shipping charge I voluntarily paid. In addition I edited my original post to be more precise. Does UPS charge sender for returned packages automatically too? What if someone pays by cash? At least as far as I know, its not the problem with USPS.
  5. Nolimitz

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    Think you are SOL. Cant speak to UPS, but Im betting USPS would return it postage due to return address as well. there aint no free lunch anywhere. U really owe Fedex for return trip to where ever it went. dumb move. as you say you should have used cash w/ no traceability to you on aribill or inside package..
  6. Mr. 7

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    For such a convoluted story, I say you pay both ways.
    The weird thing is, if you made up a phony return address, most likely that address doesn't exist in whatever city you put down as the return address.
    So, I would think that FDX would be calling someone to clarify a bad address.
  7. CJinx

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    Judging by all the ways you mentioned how this friend is not really a friend and you were trying to conceal your identity, you should just pay the bill and feel lucky that you didn't end up with a harassment complaint.

    There is a very real possibility that the package will end up getting refused by the people at the shipper address as well. Your box o' crap would then get sent to overgoods where they auction off the items of value and throw away everything else.
  8. hypo hanna

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    Lets see I'd I got the story straight. You sent a gag gift to a maybe friend with a deliberate bad return address. Causing FedEx to get it there then retrieve it then have the extra hassle of trying to find your bogus address to return it and now you want fedex to eat the cost?
    Much as I despise FedEx right now you need to pay up and then shut up. You created this mess. You should be the one who pays the piper.
  9. marue12

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    actually someone on "return" address signed it and accepted it. You're not saying FDX donates goods to Goodwill? So again if it was paid by cash, I wonder what would happened. Would it get sent back to shipper with postage due for pick up at a local post office? as for last post, it was not a gag gift. What is that supposed to mean?
  10. vantexan

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    Bottom line if you didn't write on pkg that if it was undeliverable then destroy it(which companies do all the time) then you are on the hook. Sorry, but HH described it perfectly, and you are wasting your time trying to convince us otherwise. We've got plenty of real issues to deal with at FedEx, so get over yourself.
  11. marue12

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    what is gag gift? There was no porn or sexual material or clothing. Here is what was inside the package:
    - game of thrones
    - the assasins 3,
    - documentary about sarah parlin (he likes this kind of stuff, he's Republican)
    - greeting card with wishes inside
  12. Gumby

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    I didnt know this was the Fedex customer complaint site!??! I thought this was the brown cafe!!!Silly me I must be posting on the wrong site!!
  13. marue12

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    I doubt HH described it perfectly since it did not have any kinky accessories in it. I get impression, people are having a bit of joke on my thread.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It's fairly simple----you waste our time we have fun at your expense.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Key word is naively. Live and learn bro.
  16. marue12

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    what if I told them story that I pasted label to destroy it if undeliverable, but it must had peeled off on the way. Might be worth a shot if not then I'll pay.

    And common, you people don't know how it is to loose your best friend, its not a joke. He was not always polite to me, he was sometimes pain in ***, but he is probably the only dude, that was not afraid to show real emotions be it get mad when I screw up or pat me at back when he saw me sad and wanted to cheer me up. We remember each other but we haven't talk for a long time. Unfortunately, he's become like a ghost. Sure we make new friends and move on, but I just wanted to use whatever nice possibility was left for me to break ice. He stopped talking to me because I came out to him out of closet, but its not the reason why I liked to hang out with him and his friends at dorms when we were in college. He of course doesn't understand it and he never will. I'll add I threw in there a straight porn there for him, but that was not all, I had some nice series from HBO typical for guys , game of thrones, assassin's creed 3 game and documentary movie about Sarah Palin, election, "the death of journalism - how obama got elected and palin targeted". I sent him this last stuff because I know he is into this stuff, he is supporter of NRA, republican, he prefers country small towns to big urban cities and he even moved to texas from Chicago, thats where I sent this package.
  17. Gumby

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    Ill give you the refund myself if you go away!!!!
  18. hypo hanna

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    What you want is for us to have done all of the work of picking up and delivering your package. Then when it was refused, picking it up again to return it to you. Then when we can't find you because YOU deliberately provided an incorrect address, we are expected to research and try and locate you. If that is not possible, then it would have to go to fedex overgoods dept where it will have to be processed and stored until we can legally destroy it. All of that handling cost money. Money FedEx tells us it doesnt have when it justifies our pay cuts. No I have zero sympathy for you plight.

    I will tell you this.... If you whine long and hard enough, they will probably give in and wave the charges just to be rid of you. And it won't be because you were right. It will be because its cheaper to pay you off then to spend time dealing with you.
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  19. bbsam

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    maybe you could move on from that friendship, grow up and develop healthier ones.
  20. TUT

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    Ok lets just break this down without the rest of the story that doesn't matter.

    1. You create a label with another Senders Address. (Doesn't matter)
    2. Package is shipped to the Recipient. Boom right there someone is paying for the package being sent to the recipient. (delivery or not)
    3. I assume you used "Bill to my Account" and not 3rd party or anything like that. Boom right there you are charged for that delivery attempt or anything with that packages trek.
    4. The package for whatever reason is refused for delivery and is sent back, doesn't matter where or why, it is going back. Another shipment. Boom right there the shipper/payor of the out-bound package is now going to get billed for the second shipment which is a return.
    5. You say all or part of this two way shipment, outbound and return should go to the original recipient. It doesn't work that way, it's going to whoever the billing party was on the original outbound shipment. That is just how shipping works.
    6. No corporation of any size is going to run down another billing source which they don't have. It is easier for you since you know the person to have them pay you back. If Fedex did the leg work to find the original recipient, collect their credit card data (you know that is going to be a long heated discussion) the hassle would be an additional $100 service charge because it's going to take calls, threats, repeated letters to pay etc. The world of shipping does not work like that, this isn't Mayberry any more.

    You were the original payee, you will be charged any shipping charges Outbound and Return if necessary. If you want another to handle part of that, you pay Fedex in full and then collect whatever you want from the other party. This isn't one of the evil corporate things, this is totally logical and understanding.