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  1. gator

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    just wondering, do you need to be a full time driver to become a feeder driver? if so, could you please tell me where in the contract that it states this? thanks.
  2. Boxjockey1

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    Yes, you must be a driver. It is article 8 under full time employment. It also states that you must have a route to bid a route ( at least in our contract). A lot of these issues depend on your local, and your contract, but I do believe this one is pretty universal. I've been around a while, and I have never seen a part time employee go straight to driving. Hang in there though you will get your chance. Good luck and drive safe.:happy2:
  3. Leftinbuilding

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    We had a part timer go into feeders when no full timer bid on it. Very rare occurrence however.
  4. brownrodster

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    In our local contract anyone can become a feeder driver. However, the bid first goes to the senior FT package driver. If no FT package driver bids or qualifies then the bid goes to the senior FT employee. If no FT employees bid or qualify then the bid goes to the senior PT employee. If no PT employee bids or qualifies then they can hire off the street.
  5. SnowCitizen

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    In my local the following ratio is used:

    2 Full-time employees
    2 Part-time employees
    1 Geographical Transfer
    1 off the street.

    I believe the wait to go part-time to feeders is about 7-9 years, but it might be longer.

    This is a rare setup, most locals are setup for the package car drivers to move into the feeder spots.