Felony assault charge

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wannab, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. wannab

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    Hi guys I've been lurking on the board for a while and have been a driver for 7 years. I recently got into a fight and had a 2nd degree assault charge pressed against me. I havent been to court yet and I do have an attorney. My question is if Im found guilty of this and given no jail time with unsupervised probation could I lose my job? Nobody at work knows about this. Trying to keep it under the table.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Johney

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    As long as there is no jail time I can't see where it can or will affect your job, aside from maybe probation and having to miss a day of work to show up for that. But that can just be a burned option day so no one knows anything.
  3. curiousbrain

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    If you have an attorney, wouldn't they be in the best position to properly advise you?
  4. Returntosender

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    if the fight was mutal consent then you get the charged reduced. Your attorney has to argue that point. If you initated then I dont know. FYI if you're the type that likes to fight you have be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Let your opponent think your weak, attempt to reason and walk. Those actions will make you're opponent even more confident and precieve you as weak. When your opponent engages teach him a lesson. In the eyes of court your side will carry more weight then your opponents. Because it shows you made an attempt to reason and walk to difuse the sitution.

    As for job jail time and lost of job. Never heard of loa cause I have to go jail. court might say you serve your jail time on the weekends, and continue to work M-F.
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    I know this, you won't be allowed to have airport access if you are found guilty of that felony assault charge. So if you are a driver that on occassion, shuttles stuff to the airport, you won't be able to renew or get an airport id card for ten years. If you are thinking going to feeders at some point and the feeder drivers go to the airport, that might be a problem in the future.

    And maybe some of the hubrats can answer this one, do you need this id or some sort of clearance to work on the airsort floor with the cans?
  6. over9five

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    Good luck, Wannab. I'd be interested in what your attorney says about that.

    Please remember to keep details at a minimum as this site is monitored.
  7. Nimnim

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    I know working an any of the air loading areas on my sort you're supposed to have a background check, TSA I believe, to be permitted to enter said areas. Security and whatnot to keep people from putting things into the air cans that'll be in the cargo hold.
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    I would certainly hope you'd get fired.....an adult fighting is very childish, shows immaturity, and inability to control themselves during stressful situations..... Add the fact of driving a truck, heavy traffic, road rage, etc. I would not want a violent, angry, aggressive person walking to my front porch, where I have to tell him "sorry, I don't want it, send it back." Or walk, at a pedestrian crosswalk, while he impatiently feels like he has every right to mow me down cause he's having a "bad day" cause his supervisor told him he's 'too slow.' Violent people shouldn't be in the service industry. Perhaps you should take up boxing, or the military......something other then driving a truck in residential areas, where you may have to interact with customers.
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    C'mon now, you don't know any details about what happened.
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    What exactly are you basing your opinion on? You have no idea what happened nor do you know the people involved.
  11. over9five

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    May I suggest you refer to his name.....
  12. Jones

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    Good point...
  13. TR0LL

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    Basing my opinion on "recently got into a fight........" Need I say more?
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