Ferris Beuller Appealing Death Sentence for Skipping Class!

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    First Graders Handcuffed At Chicago School, Told They Were Going To Prison: Lawsuit
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    of course you can, but they might shoot you for it.
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    There is nothing more I'm afraid of then a nun with a long flexible ruler.
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    In the complaint, the boy's mother, LaShanda Smith, describes the guard's action as "reckless" and said her son suffered injuries both "permanent" and "personal" during the incident. Smith, who is seeking more than $100,000 in damages, accuses the officer of acting "in conscious disregard" of her son's safety.

    Now two things come to my mind; why does a elementary school have security guards and not teachers or teach aides ?
    And Ill. is a Dem run state so we all know they have no money to spend on education, teacher salaries yes, so where does she think this $100,000 is going to magically appear from ?
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    She`ll settle for $40k and half of that will go to the lawyer.