Filing a grievance over Safety ?

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  1. I know, I'll talk to my steward tomorrow, but I'm not sure how to file this. Past 2 months I've had alot of over 70's on the shelves, top too. Load is shifting, it's been a nightmare. I've been bringing up all the safety/load issues to my center manager/on road, they give me the "it's not my job" line, and man does that piss me off.... Today I found a hazmat on it's side on the top shelf in the back, with some heavy boxes on top of it, and no slip pulled in the cab. Took some pics, and brought it up to the center manager again today. I was told it's not his job to worry about that stuff, same with the onroad. I'm about to call DOT and OSHA I'm so irritated over this, how dare you tell me it's not your job. Can I file a grievance over this ? I know the contract fairly well, but not sure what article/section it would fall under, and not sure what relief I would seek.... Talking to them face to face isnt working.
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    Don't take pictures, write down time, date, and description of these incidents. Write down who you spoke to about these issues from the pt sup to your center manager. If they all refuse to address this take your notes to HR, explain you're about to take this further and document that. I'd wager that's as far as it will go before someone lays the hammer down on all the management that refused to address these safety concerns.

    If all of this does fail, I'd use the 1-800 number and inform corporate. Never give originals of your notes, make copies if they request to see them.
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    Here's a suggestion... talk to your preloader... fix it before you leave.... have you thought about either of these. Do what ya gotta, but I was just wondering.
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    Someone up the chain is going to be very irritated that the PT supe did not fix it and when he/she did not, the driver supe did not and when he/she did not, the center manager said, "It is not my job."

    I suspect that if the district manager was in my center and relayed your story with your responses, it would be fixed and there would be all kinds of hell to pay.
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    Dont be a!
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    just be glad your loader doent give you a black eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If there are over 70's up on the top shelf, simply message in and demand help getting them down and out of the car. If no help is sent, sheet them as missed and bring them back. Repeat as needed. The only way you are going to motivate your center manager to fix the problem is by making him look bad on a report.
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    Beat me to it. Guess we all think differently but my immediate thought was I'm going to need help with an over 70 out of my power zone.
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    organize your shelves with the over 70s and hazmats, take pictures, code time off to the preload
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    Question - since the hazmat verification should be done with pre-trip, can the driver refuse to take the car out since there may be hazmats not secured?
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    Yes you can file a grievance over safety. Improperly loaded hazmats. Improperly loaded over 70s that place in in a position for a power zone injury. Etc.
    Ive had to file to get the point across. Sometimes you have to. First though, and it sounds like you've made an attempt, is to use the open door policy. Speak to the manager, speak to the manager with the union steward present and say if it continues you'll file, file a grievance, file a compliant with OSHA over the potential injury situation, file a complaint with the DOT over improper vehicle loading and hazmat issues.
    Usually once you go with the grievance and it goes across divisions desk it gets noticed. Sometime though you have to take it outside the company.
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    Here is something else that I do when preload sups wont respond. I let everybody leave the building(drivers), then I back my truck up to the center manager's door. I dont go get him, but I make sure I honk as needed for safety. Of course then I proceed to make my load safe and workable. I generally can draw a crowd pretty quick. My audience was the DM,center manager,FT Preload Sup, 2 pt Sups and the lady that cleans the floors after preload. Didnt rant and rave, threaten or scream. And for sure did not code that time on the preload. That time goes directly into my over allowed. All 30 minutes that time. Its really great if you can point out the safety hazards and damage control problems that could save the company money while your doing this. Now all I have to do is tell my FT preload sup that I will see her after everybody leaves and she makes sure the preloader gets the time or help he needs to get it right. Problem is you have to make them pay. Quit trying to get out of the building so fast and make them pay on the report as Sober advised. Good Luck
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    No, but if the driver has documented an ongoing problem with preload failing to follow correct hazmat procedures, and it has become apparent that his management team has no intention of ever actually fixing the problem, that driver would certainly be justified in simply unloading every package in his car out onto the belt and then reloading them all back into the car while inspecting all 6 sides of each one in order to make sure it isnt a haz mat.
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    Go to OSHA website where you can fill out a on line complaint....nothing gets management stepping and fetching like a OSHA complaint! BC
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    Article 18