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  1. browntroll

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    im just wondering what happens when you file a grievance for certain things.
    i hear of ppl filing for harassment, sups working, lp working. what do you actually gain when filing for certain things? im assuming you get paid for sups or lp working/ touch packages. but what do u gain from filing for harassment? what happens if i file but 2 other ppl file for the samething?
    i have a coworker that thinks i should start filing on everything i see wrong which i basically
    see sups unloading or doing pickoff for 20 min everyday since they know i dont file grievances they dont try to hide it.
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    I had this supervisor who would habitually send guys with less seniority up-top to pickoff at the end of the night. I'd even see him doing it so that he could have as many people working downstairs on bulk or sides.

    Fed up with missing out on the extra dollar, I simply wrote the time I clocked out like I did every night, only I'd also put "+ Pickoff" next to it. When he didn't code it in that I had picked off, I asked him about it.

    "You didn't pick off"

    "That's right, you did. So you can either give me pickoff pay, or I can call one of the stewards over and file"

    Never bothered doing it again. And after that, he went by seniority like he was supposed to.

    Just be prepared for the fallout that comes with filing. Most of the time, if you simply ask the supervisors if they can add the time, you won't have to call a steward. I'd recommend trying this route first. If that doesn't yield any results, get a steward and file.

    Remember, pardon one offense, and you commission many.
  3. Money and respect. Plus you do this and all the pusillanimous you work for will worship you.
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    Pick your battles wisely or be ready for a war. By all means file if you feel the need but make sure you do your job like your suppose to.

    Why doesn't your coworker file ???
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    Just pretend you are a boxer!..a quick Left jab and a good right hook. At the same time, you got to know when to duck...survive another round!
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    You'll be paid double time for supervisors working if the company didn't exhaust all available avenues to have bargaining unit members available (ie. calling in doubles, offering the previous shift OT, etc.) You should try and have at least two people willing to be listed on your grievance as witnesses.

    99/100 you don't have to worry about what happens if two bargaining unit members file a grievance on the same incident because the majority of PT'ers don't file. The senior member would probably end up being paid, but what we usually do if we're lucky enough to have 2-3 guys in the same area willing to file is have them divvy it up amongst themselves. For example: "I'll nail that sup for working Monday. You get him for Tuesday."

    Grievances add up. I settled a stack from one steward that racked them up over a month for almost $1,000 a little while ago.
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  8. browntroll

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    most sups talk to me about when they get filed on and why, lets just say they dont talk about those ppl with the respect they should.
    it makes me wonder if getting those grievance payed really worth having a target on my back, i see how they treat those ppl. im not
    trying to be looked at by full time sup and manager over every little thing i do. im just wondering why this guy wants me to file on stuff
    i see, i heard it takes a while for them to pay them out is that true?
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Has the guy that asked you to file filed himself ??? If another union employee is telling me to file a grievance for something when they to can file but don't would make me question there true intentions.

    Also just because you file a grievance for a SUP working doesn't automatically mean your going to paid for it. In most cases your probably will or the senior person that filed will. However in some cases they will use the excuse it was done to prevent a service failure, they where short staff and there wasn't anyone available to come in or your stewards, BA, and company will make agreements to settle some grievance if other are tossed.
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    If you're afraid of putting a target on your back, then don't grieve. Most likely, you wouldn't get enough for a new dress anyway.
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