Filled out some apps online one says active the other 2 say pending?

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  1. Funtimes

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    I did go to a interview on the active one it may of lasted 15 minutes.

    Just asked about me and my work history and why I wanted to work for ups

    I've tried for years to get on my problem is I tried after I married and they like to hire part time and work you way up with a family that's hard.

    He said they have 2 full time openings in Glenwood springs Colorado but has a lot of applications.

    I drove for Pepsi for 10 years so I have driving and customer skills. Worked the coal mine for 7 yrs also have 9 months with trimac hauling doubles sulfuric acid. Now I'm back in the coal mine which is fine but I really want a shot at ups.

    Any tips to help me out? Before I've only applied in the state I live in Utah now I've applied in other states.
  2. superballs63

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    Hmm, maybe if there are 2 FT positions and a BUNCH of applicants, maybe it's taking them a while to wade through all the applicants.

    You should fill out another 7 applications to have a nice, even 10. It's kind of like playing the lotto, to better improve your odds, you need to have more of an investment
  3. barnyard

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    I disagree.

    I suspect that with as much as UPS is spending on new hire training, that an applicant from out of the area would not even be considered. HR is looking to decrease turnover and hiring from way out of the area does not help that goal.
  4. Funtimes

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    The problem I have where I live it's a rural area so chances of getting on where I live is about zero.

    I'm willing to move and relocate.

    But you could be right they want the local person that's lived there forever.

    Lol lotto that's how I feel over the yrs applying with ups.
  5. BrownSmoke

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    From what I've heard from district and seen posted on UPSJobs Glenwood is almost always looking for FT Drivers, they have a very high turnover rate but unsure the reasons. Perhaps cost of living or the transient nature of the mountain resort community.
  6. Funtimes

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    He did say that it's expensive to live in the area.

    A year ago I was driving bus from grand junction to aspen Glenwood if the planes couldn't land in Aspen they would divert it to junction. This is from Dec to April.

    I know a few people over there and they live on the outskirts of Glenwood like silt Carbondale and rifle.
  7. barnyard

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    That is not it at all.

    A person that is from the area, already has a house, knows the cost of living, etc. A long distance hire, could get hired, decide they do not like the area and quit, blowing thousand$ in training.
  8. Funtimes

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    Barnyard how much turnover does ups get? Full time?

    But it makes sense what your saying
  9. barnyard

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    In our building, the highest turnover is from off the street FT hires. So, it is not high, but off the street hires make up the bulk (besides retirements.)
  10. Funtimes

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    Thanks for you input barnyard it's nice to hear from someone from the inside.

    Any tips for people that are from out of the area?
  11. Bagels

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    You should inquire about the length of time it takes, on average, to progress from PT to FT. Honestly, this may be your best option... off-the-street hires are limited by union contract (6 PTers to one off-the-street, likely to increase to 8:1 shortly) and even though UPS may be taking applications, ultimately the positions typically go to PT supervisors (seeking FT), de facto long-distance transfers (driver quitting then being rehired, as long-distance transfers are not permitted), friends & family, etc.

    Yes, it's hard working PT when you have a family to raise... but guess what? Tens of thousands of us are doing it right now.
  12. Funtimes

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    Thanks bagels looks like grand junction is hiring pt so I went ahead and put an app in there and find out how long it takes to move up.any as dad

    If you work pt and apply for ft at another UPS is there advantage that way ?
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  13. barnyard

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    Once you are employed you will not be able to fill out apps.
  14. Funtimes

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    But can you transfer to a place that has a ft opening or bid on the job?

    Or do you have to be ft before you can move around in the company?

    Just trying to get an idea how it all works.

    I'd hate to go pt at a place that rarely had ft openings come up and you can't go anywhere else.

    Im from Price Utah and it would be forever and a day to move up its to small of a place.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Transfers for employees not in the Western Conference are for educational purposes only. Basically you would have to register for classes first and then apply for the transfer, which is not guaranteed. We had a preloader here who was able to transfer to Colorado but the process took just under a year to complete.

    The educational transfer is one of the most abused of our perks (FMLA and funeral leave are the others)----employees sign up for classes with no intention of actually going to school, which makes it harder for those who are serious about completing their degrees.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    You can only have one application active at a time...
  17. Funtimes

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    Why is it I apply for other jobs but they don't show up on my applications page?

    But it says it was recorded?

    But other jobs show up in my applications and I can go look at them?

    Thanks for everyone responses.
  18. UPSGUY72

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    What jobs did you apply for ??? As noted above you can apply for many jobs how ever only one application is going to be active at anyone time.. Call the person that interviewed you if you have there number and see what your status is. If your a good fit and they have a opening they will call when they need you. It could be that there where other people ahead of you on there list and they hired them first and your back up if they don't work out..
  19. Funtimes

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    The guy i interviewed in glenwood Co said if I was a fit I would be hearing from a lady out of grand junction Co named kiki.
    I went back into the applications and I can still get an interview on Monday but I already interview?

    That's the one shows active
    I applied in Phoenix AZ for dock /driver ft its pending
    Also ft driver in rock springs WY it says pending.

    Applied ft driver today Ogden UT says it was recorded but doesn't show up on my applications.