Fire at Riviera Beach building

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    long time viewer, i work the reload shift at riviera ill try to find out what wappened more in depth
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    Stug, You know anything about this?:wink2:
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    Perhaps we have a new definition of getting stugged?
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    I work preload there and know that the 300 main belt caught on fire destroying three package cars. No person nor packages were damaged! They held is in the parking lot for almost two hours and gave us lots of donuts till the fire chief cleared the building for us. They brought in all the drivers to help us loaders since we started two hours late. Damn building still stunk after they cleared us for entry.
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    thats in my district-- a car caught on fire DUE TO A STEREO BEING HARDWIRED INTO THE BATTERY !!! we all know the deal,, you give the mechanics a case of beer and ask them to run a live wire off the battery to plug your stereo into,, or you do it yourself. Its very common,, but it seems the wires shorted and caused a fire,, the driver as of now,, has been terminated. This will have companywide implications,,expect to hear about it soon.....
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    Hmmm, the same thing (allegedly) happened in CHEMA several years ago. Drivers radio started a fire(so they say...). Several PCs lost.

    Anyone remember that mess? All 456000 packages in the building had soot on them. Stunk for weeks.
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    Why was the driver fired if a UPS mechanic installed the wiring?
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    hellfire didn't specify who did the wiring but it sounds as though it may have been a DIY job.
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    Just what I saw on the news and read below. I'm the next center North of there. About 40 miles north.

    I bet cars are being inspected as we speak. What area are you in, hellfire? I'm in Stuart.

    Tampering with UPS property? Article 52, thou shalt not install radio's in thy employers equipment.:wink2:
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    Sorry but most of this post is wrong info. As far as I know the driver in question worked today.I find it hard to believe mechanic's in that bldg take a case of beer to do hokey/pokey wire jobs. From what I heard it appears a radio was installed in the truck,but as far as who is at fault I believe that has yet to be determined.
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    Hey watch your language!!!

    Hoke aka Hoaxster
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    Sorry Hoke no pun intended:knockedout:
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    "" I find it hard to believe mechanic's in that bldg take a case of beer to do hokey/pokey wire jobs.""" yup,,thing is i dont know FULL details,, i know the invest is over,, a short caused the fire on a ""illegal"" tamper, and the driver is gone,,,for now ( was the preloader messing with it?? did the mechs install it??) now it gets messy,,a shame honest mistake like that can get you fired....
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    I don't know how accurate that info is, hellfire. Johney actually works in that building.
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    im sorry,,not gonna give names,,as of about 5pm thats what i was told,, did you have a female center manager in Stuart recently?
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    No, but he acts that way sometimes, LOL. I know I'm gonna get in huge trouble for that comment. I was joking, c'mon now, it's the internet for goodness sakes.:happy2:

    Are you in Riviera, hellfire?
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    no,,stopped by there today tho,, alot of people were instructed to go there in the am
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    I'm not going to comment on this anymore until I get the facts straight. All I heard today by word of mouth was the driver worked and the mechanics did not do the mod.